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Noordin  Mohammed Top, nickname Moneyman, was born on 08/11/1968 in Johor, Malaysia. He attended the Sekolah Islam Luqmanul Hakiem, a Madrassa in Johor, that was established by INDONESIAN JI’s founders, cleric Abu Bakar Bashir and Abdullah Sungkar.

Noordin  Mohammed Top went on to study at the Technological University of Malaysia where he befriended his professor, Dr Azahari Husin. He received a bachelor’s degree in accountancy in 1991. His whereabouts in the following years are not well known.

Noordin  Mohammed Top continued his connections with Dr Azahari Husin. Together they were the most dangerous operation team in the INDONESIAN J.I. Noordin  Mohammed Top was called “The financier” and Dr Azahari Husin “The demolisher” because of his expertise in explosives.

Noordin  Mohammed Top became the top expert of the INDONESIAN JI in masterminding, recruiting activists and financing terror attacks. In 01/2002 Noordin  Mohammed top attended the Bangkok Meeting. He was involved in many of the most ostentatious attacks of the organization such as the Bali ‘02 Bombings and Bali 05 Bombings, the Jakarta Marriott Hotel attack in 2003, the AUSTRALIAN Embassy attack in 2004 and others. 

In Indonesia Noordin  Mohammed Top used many aliases and got married, for the second time, with an Indonesian wife using an assumed name – Abdurrachman Aufi on 08/06/2003, a day after the Jakarta Marriott Hotel attack. His wife, Munfiatun, was arrested in the West of Java on 09/22/2004 and jailed in June 2005 for concealing information about his whereabouts.

Today (06/2007) Noordin  Mohammed Top is still at large despite huge efforts of three intelligence services in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines to locate and trap him. Noordin  Mohammed Top is today (07/2009) one of the most wanted terrorists in the world.  

Indonesian intelligence sources believe that Noordin  Mohammed Top is running a terror group of his own – Tanzim Qaedat al-Jihad (Jihad’s Organization Headquarter). Noordin  Mohammed Top was implicated also with the Jakarta hotels bombings, on 07/17/2009 (see – Jakarta Investigation). 

Noordin  Mohammed Top narrowly escaped death, on Friday 08/07/2009 night, in a shootout (see –  Tops death ). He was, eventually, killed, on Wednesday 09/16/2009, near Solo in Central Java (see – Solo 09.16.09 ).

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