In the week of  Christmas 2000  a group of Muslims, all from Algerian descent, planed to scatter poison in the markets of Strasbourg, France, to plant bombs in crowded public places and to spray poison in the Cathedral of Strasburg at the 2000 Christmas Mass.

The Strasbourg  plot was foiled as a circumstance of the arrest of Hussein Turi in Jordan on 12/12/1999, in connection with the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM plot. Hussein Turi revealed the link to Al Qaeda, to Montreal 99 cell in Canada and the broader international Millennium plot. His investigation led to the arrest of Ahmed Ressam on 12/21/1999 when he tried to enter USA from Canada and to the foiling of the Los Angeles Millennium Plot. Ahmed Ressam identified Amar Makhlulif alias Abu Doha as the LOS ANGELES MILLENNIUM leader of the plot and Amar Makhlulif, probably, the ringleader of the Strasbourg  plot, was put, with his associates, under strict surveillance by several European Security services which led to the foiling of the Strasbourg  plot.

The terror cell of Strasbourg contained three British residents from Algerian descent led by Amar Makhlulif – Abu Doha. He was, probably, the international coordinator of the plot and wanted for questioning in UK, Germany, Italy and USA. The other two suspects were Slimane Khalfaoui, a French citizen, and Rabah Kadri.

In 03/2003 five suspects as members of Frankfurt Group and the Strasbourg  plot were sentenced between 10 and 12 years’ imprisonment by a court in Frankfurt, Germany. Salim Boukari received the highest sentence, 12 years, followed by Fouhad Sabour, who received 11-and-a-half years. Both had denied intent to kill, insisting the group had planned to target only an empty synagogue in Strasbourg.

Alleged co-organizer Aeroubi Beandalis – the only one to admit to charges that the cell intended to bomb people outside the cathedral – received 10 years. Lamine Maroni, who remained silent throughout the trial, was sentenced to 11 years. Mustafa Labsi was sentenced to 6 years in jail in absentia.

Other ten suspects were sentenced on 12/16/2004 in Paris, France. The group’s alleged operational leaders, Mohamed Bensakhria, 37, who probably had close connections with Osama Bin Laden, and Slimane Khalfaoui, 29, were given 10 years, Yassine Aknouche, 30, was given eight, Rabah Kadri , 37, who was in detention in the UK  was given six years and was banned from entering French territory.

The other six suspects, given lesser terms, were alleged to have given logistical support to the Strasbourg  plot by supplying false papers to other members of the group.


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