The Iranian Revolutionary  Guard was founded in 1979, immediately after the Islamic Revolution of 01/1979 led by Ayatollah Khomeini, in Iran. At that time the new Iranian leadership did not trust the Iranian Army, where all officers and most of the soldiers enlisted to the Army in Shah time and took an oath to the Shah. The Revolutionary  Guard was supposed to be loyal to the Islamic Revolution and a counter balance to the Iranian Army.

Officially the role of the Iranian army was to protect the Iranian state and its sovereignty and the role of the Revolutionary  Guard to protect the Islamic revolution and to assist in exporting the revolution to the Muslim World. By definition the Iranian revolutionary guard has an Iranian mandate to operate wherever the Islamic Revolution is in danger – also far away from Iranian borders or when the threat is not directed against Iran.

Today (07/2007) the Iranian Revolutionary  Guard is the main armed force of Iran with larger budget than the Iranian Army and much better trained in special operations and guerilla warfare   

The Al-Quds  force, within the revolutionary Guard, is the executive apparatus of the Iranian Revolutionary  Guard to export the Islamic revolution from Iran to the Muslim, primarily Shiite, world. Al-Quds  force is in charge of coordinating all the efforts related to the export of the Islamic Revolution from Iran, the political and financial efforts as well as the arming and training of potential agents to spread the Islamic Revolution.

From the middle 80s’ the most prominent success in exporting the revolution was the Hizbullah in Lebanon. The relations with the Hizbullah were always symbiotic. The Hizbullah got money, weapons and training in Iran and shared its experience of many years of guerilla war against Israel with the Al-Quds  force and the Revolutionary  Guard. With time, from early 90s’, Hizbullas, as a routine, sent its experts to Iran, not only to get military training but also to train the Iranians.

The symbiotic cooperation led to several co-productions of terror attacks all over the world, like the Khobar Towers attack in Saudi Arabia on 06/25/1996, or the double attack on Jewish and Israeli institutions in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 03/17/1992 and 07/18/1994.

It is almost obvious that the Al-Quds Force is involved in the war in Iraq from the first day of the war in 04/2003.


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