Samir  Ait Mohamed was born in Algeria in 1967. He left Algeria to Germany, probably in 1991, before the civil war in Algeria began.

In the early 90th, probably from 1991 to 1997, Samir  Ait Mohamed lived in Hamburg, Germany, but there is no evidence of any connection with Hamburg Cell during his time. His main occupation in Germany was law studies as a student and a mediator for Islamic volunteers who wanted to join the war in Bosnia. Samir  Ait Mohamed arrived to Canada on 1997 with a visitor’s visa for four years.

Samir  Ait Mohamed’s refugee claim was turned down in 1998 and he turned to the Federal Court of Canada which ordered a new hearing.

Samir  Ait Mohamed, founded in Montreal, Canada the Al Qaeda’s Montreal 99 cell and was the coordinator of the LOS ANGELES MILLENNIUM plot. He also planned to hide bombs in the Jewish quarter of Montreal on 2000 eve.   

Samir Ait Mohamed was detained on 07/28/2001 as he tried to cross the border from Canada into the USA. He was taken into custody after the convicted terrorist Ahmed Ressam testified against him three weeks earlier. On early 2005 Ahmed Ressam ceased his cooperation with USA authority and the charges against Samir Ait Mohamed were, therefore, dropped.

After a long judicial process Samir  Ait Mohamed was deported from Canada back to Algeria on 01/13/2006.

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