Frankfurt  Group or Frankfurt Cell was assembled by few dozens people, all from North African descent, most of them from Algeria, that fled the brutal civil war that breached in Algeria in 1992, and continued their Jihad in the liberal atmosphere of Europe.

The Frankfurt  Group functioned as a center for logistic support, money transfers and forged documents supplier for many Islamic activists, mainly from Algerian descent. The Frankfurt  Group also acted as a recruiting center to the wars in Bosnia and Chechnya from about 1994 until 2001.  The group disintegrated in early 2001 after many of its activists were arrested, deported or put under strict surveillance because many members of the group were involved in terror attempts in Europe.

In two Frankfurt apartments, used by the Frankfurt  Group, the police found, in a search related to the Strasbourg Plot, several pressure cookers and about 30kg of chemicals that could be used to make explosives, as well as a notebook full of jottings about how to mix homemade bombs.

The Frankfurt  Group did not commit any terror attack in Germany or as a group elsewhere, but they participated in such activities in other cells. Frankfurt  Group served as a rear base and not as an operational base for terror attacks. The activity of Frankfurt  Group stretched all over Western Europe and had among its activists: 

Four members of Frankfurt  Group: Salim Boukari, Fouhad Sabour, Aeroubi Beandalis and Lamine Maroni, who were sentenced in Frankfurt in 03/2003 to long time imprisonment for their role in the Strasbourg plot.

Mohamed Bensakhria, the contact to Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan and the ringleader of Frankfurt  Group was arrested in Spain in 06/2001 and extradited to France. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail on 12/16/2004 for his role in the STRASBOURG MILLENIUM plot.

The Tunisian Essid Sami Ben Khemais the coordinator between the Milan 01 Cell in Italy and Frankfurt  Group in Germany and Mustafa Labsi was the middle man with the UK.

Members of the BELGIUM cell : Tarek Maaroufi, Nizar Trabelsi, Amor Sliti and others who planned to detonate a car bomb at the Kleine Brogel air base, which houses U.S. soldiers.

Summary ; 

Frankfurt  Group reflects how easy it was to operate as an Islamic militant in Europe in the 90th and also afterwards.  

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