* Anjem  Choudary, from Pakistani descent, was born in 1967 as a son to a market trader in London.

In late 80ies Anjem  Choudary went to University of Southampton as a medical student and did not demonstrate any special religious devotion to Islam. He called himself “Andy” and used drugs and alcohol. Only when the book of Salman Rushdie, “The Satanic Verses”, was published in 1989 Anjem  Choudary expressed some anger at the publication.

After a year as a medical student, Anjem  Choudary switched to commercial law and finished his studies, as a lawyer, in Guildford, probably in 1991. Anjem Choudary settled in London where he found work at a legal firm and completed the qualifications to become a lawyer.

In 1996 Anjem  Choudary associated with Omar Bakri Muhammad and, together, they founded the Al-Muhajiroun as an Islamic political movement that wished to transform UK to a Muslim Caliphate and was, eventually, disbanded on 10/13/2004. The Al-Muhajiroun and Anjem  Choudary extensively, preached for violent Global Jihad against the Western Christian culture, democracy and especially against the Jews and Israel. 

In 1996 Anjem Choudary married Rubana Akhtar who was one of the first to join Al-Muhajiroun. They settled in Ilford, Essex and have three children. Short while after his marriage Anjem  Choudary left his work and dedicated himself inclusively to his political Islamic activity. His source of income is unclear. Anjem  Choudary spent long time in Lebanon where he had the support and connections of Omar Bakri Muhammads’ followers.

In 11/2005 Anjem Choudary and three of his supporters were deported from Lebanon but he returned to UK. He was active in number of ephemeral organizations that replaced Al-Muhajiroun such as Al Ghurabaa’, led by Abu Izzadeen .

Anjem  Choudary was arrested for few days, the first time on 03/15/2006, for organizing, with Al Ghurabaa’, an illegal protest against Muhammad Cartoons. He was fined £500 with £300 court costs on 07/04/2006.

Today (07/2007) Anjem  Choudary is at large, remains very provocative and is the main speaker in almost every Militant Islamic event in UK. He finds new ways to preach his philosophy without breaching the law in UK. 

Anjem  Choudary formed a new organization – Islam4UK, actually a continuation of Al-Muhajiroun, banned in UK on 10/13/2004. But the new Islam4UK group was banned too by the British authorities, on Tuesday 01/12/2010 (see – Luton 01.11.10 ).

Omar Bakri Muhammad, the exiled leader of Al-Muhajiroun, responded in Lebanon and said that his followers were looking forward to regrouping under a different name. ”Tomorrow we can call ourselves whatever we think is suitable for us,” he said.

* Nine men, including Anjem Choudary, have been arrested, on 09/25/2014, in London on suspicion of being members of a banned organization (see also – Sharia.4belgium ).

Earlier, at about 05:00 local time, Anjem  Choudary had sent out a series of Tweets in which he set out his opposition to air strikes on Islamic State ( I.S.I.S ) and said the actions would be a “rallying call” for Muslims to support the group (see also – Western-Jihadists ).

** On Tuesday 08/16/2016 a  UK jury found Anjem Choudary guilty of inviting support for Islamic State, underscoring efforts by authorities to stem the spread of violent extremism.




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