On Wednesday 07/04/2007 three young Muslims were convicted for inciting Islamic terror attacks through the web and conducting a propaganda campaign for Al Qaeda. They admitted all the charges against them. The three are:

Tariq Al-Daour, 21 from West London, Younes Tsouli, 23 from West London, born in Morocco, had been granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK only shortly before his arrest in 10/2005 and Waseem Mughal, 24 from Kent.

Tariq Al-Daour, Younes Tsouli, and Waseem Mughal rum few internet sites that incited for home made terror attacks in UK, provided sketches and recipes how to assemble home made bombs and detonate them in maximum efficiency. They also recruited volunteers to the War in Iraq and raised money to support the Global Jihad. They posted on the internet the usual Islamic propaganda, such as the beheading of Daniel Pearl (beheaded in Pakistan in 01/2002) and Kenneth Bigley (beheaded in Iraq on 10/07/2004).

The cyber cell was also very active on a large scale credit cards fraud.  They were using thousands of stolen credit card numbers and identities, according to the investigation the cyber cell circulated about 1 million pounds a year to finance their activity as well as their standard of life.  According to data gathered by USA officials Younes Tsouli and his two associates, Tariq Al-Daour and Waseem Mughal, used at least 72 stolen credit card accounts to register more than 180 domains at 95 different Web hosting companies in the United States and Europe.

The UK prosecution claims that the three men were closely affiliated with Al Qaeda in Iraq, led by Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

Their arrest came after Mirsad Bektasevic, a Swedish citizen from Bosnian descent, was arrested in a house near Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In the house authority found 18kg of explosives, electrical wiring, timing devices, detonators, a suicide bomber’s belt loaded with explosives and video prepared by the three defendants. They were also on the contact list on Mirsad Bektasevics’ computer. The findings led to their arrest few days later.

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