* Jaber  Elbaneh, a USA citizen, was born on 09/09/1966 in Yemen. He lived in Buffalo, New York, USA.  Jaber  Elbaneh worked as a salesman and a taxi driver. In the beginning of 2001, more then half a year before The 9/11, Jaber  Elbaneh was recruited by Kamal Derwish to join the Lakawanna Cell, an Al Qaeda cell that operated in Buffalo, New York.

In 04/2001 Jaber  Elbaneh, with his associates in Lakawanna Cell, left USA for training in Al Qaeda’s Al Farook camp, near Kandahar, in southeast Afghanistan. In June 2001, he had sold property he owned at 20-24 Wilkesbarre Ave. and cut his economical ties with USA.

Jaber  Elbaneh was put on the FBI “most wanted” terror list on 05/21/2003 when the USA authority found enough evidence to his involvement in Al Qaeda’s Global Jihad, after the arrest of Juma al-Dosari in Pakistan in 12/2001 and his interrogation in Guantanamo. The USA government offered 5 million US$ for information leading to his arrest.

The USA intelligence believes that Jaber  Elbaneh, as a close associate to Kamal Derwish, took part in the preparations to carry out the Limburg Attack in the Gulf of Aden, Yemen on 10/06/2002. 

In 01/31/2004 Jaber  Elbaneh was caught by Yemen authority when he tried to smuggle 5 million US$ out from Yemen. It is most likely that his arrest is a consequence of the arrest, a day earlier, of Hamid Raza Nakari in the middle of his wedding ceremony in Bahrain, one of Jaber  Elbaneh cell associates in Al Qaeda network in Arab peninsula. He was not extradited to USA because according to Yemeni law – Yemeni citizens should be tried in Yemen and cannot be extradited to other countries.  

On 02/03/2006 Jaber  Elbaneh, with other 22 Islamic militants, escaped the Yemeni Jail (Sanaa Escape ).He was not caught and lived with his wife and seven children in a hideout in Yemen.

On 05/20/2007 Jaber  Elbaneh surrendered himself in to Yemen authorities on the condition that his prison sentence would not be extended and is today (07/2007) in Yemeni jail. 

On Sunday 05/18/2008 the Yemen High Court upheld his 10-year prison sentence but refused a possible extradition to USA.   

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