Jamal Mohammed al-Bedawi was born in Yemen, in Al-Shargian district, on 07/22/1960, (there are some other birth dates – in 1960 or 1961). In the 90s’ Jamal  al-Badawi traveled to Afghanistan and attended the Taliban training camps. In Afghanistan he, probably, made the necessary connections and arrangements for his future activities.

Jamal al-Badawi was the ringleader of Al Qaeda cell in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, that provided the logistic support to Al Qaeda operations in Yemen. According to USA intelligence sources Jamal  al-Badawi traveled to Saudi Arabia in 1999 and purchased a small boat and then a truck and trailer to transport it. This boat sank from the weight of the explosives while preparing the YEMEN MILLENNIUM plot to attack the USS The Sullivans in the Gulf of Aden. He is also thought to have leased the safe houses used in these endeavors.

Jamal al-Badawi provided also the logistical support for the attack on USS Cole on 10/12/2000 and the Limburg Attack on 10/06/2002.

Jamal  al-Badawi was arrested by the Yemen authority in early 2003 but managed to escape from the military detention center in Aden in 04/2003. In the man hunt and the effort to catch him Jamal  al-Badawi was located and arrested, the second time, on 03/04/2004. in Abyan-Operation, with the fugitives Abdul Raouf Nassib, Fahd al-Quso and others.

Jamal  al-Badawi was sentenced on 09/29/2004 along side Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who was sentenced in absentia, to death for their role in the USS Cole attack. Other five defendants in the USS Cole attack were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. Jamal  al-Badawi death sentence was changed, later, to fifteen years in prison.

On 02/03/2006 Jamal  al-Badawi escaped Yemeni jail for the second time with Jaber Elbaneh and other 21 Islamic militants (Sanaa Escape ). He surrendered, once again,  to the Yemeni authorities on 10/17/2007. 

Today (07/2007) Jamal   al-Badawi is in Yemeni jail. He is regarded as the most senior of the USS Cole suspects who have been arrested, tried and sentenced in Yemen.


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