More than 170 arrested in Saudi Arabia in a series of raids since August 2006.In these raids a large some of money, about 32 million $, were found buried in the sand in some hiding places all over the country.The Saudi police also uncovered stocks of light weapons and explosives. Saudi Arabia says it has foiled a plot by militants to carry out suicide air attacks on oil installations and military bases.

“Some [militants] have begun training on the use of weapons, and some were sent to other countries to study aviation in preparation to use them to carry out terrorist operations inside the kingdom,” said an official statement broadcast in al-Ekhbaria  Saudi TV network on Friday 04/27/2007.

Interior ministry spokesman Gen Mansur al-Turki said the suspects were “linked to foreign elements… not necessarily directly to al-Qaeda, but you know, there are many al-Qaeda and terrorism activities going on”.

Summary ;

-A. The modus operandi of Al Qaeda was, and still is, to attack civilian  “soft targets” like hotels, tourist resorts or other civilian s’ compounds in order to spread fear and disorder.  The success was measured, mainly by the number of casulties – as is classic terror. Al Qaeda evades, also lately in Iraq, to attack directly well protected installations as such attacks often failed. The foiled air attack in Saudi Arabia was focused on military and economical heavily guarded facilities.

-B. After the 9/11 it is almost impossible, all over the world, for young Muslims to train themselves in aviation without drawing attention of the local security services. The only country where it is still possible is Iran. Iran has also an interest to be able to undermine the Saudi regime in case of a confrontation with USA in the Gulf because on the Iranian nuclear program.

– C. The scale of the Plot, the complication of the execution and the large mount of money, all suggest that a professional intelligence organization is behind this possible plot and as Gen Mansur al-Turki said the plot is “linked to foreign elements… not necessarily directly to Al Qaeda”

-D. It is logical to assume that the piece of evidence that linked together all the arrests since August 2006 to one big coordinated plot was achieved only lately and therefore set the timing of the official announcement. ( The defection of Iranian Revolutionary Guard  General Ali Raza Askari in Turkey, in February 2007, is one of the possible explanations )

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