Fawaz  Damra was born in Nablus, the Palestinian West Bank, in 1960.  He came to the USA in 1980 and became a citizen. At first he was the Imam of Al Farook Mosque in Brooklyn, New York in 1988. At that time Fawaz  Damra helped found the Afghan Refugee Center also known as Al Kifah.  In 1990 and later in 1991 Fawaz  Damra was recorded. when raising money for Islamic Jihad, speaking against the Jews, that  he  named “the sons of monkeys and pigs”.

In 1994 Fawaz  Damra became the Imam of the Cleveland, Ohio, Parma mosque. Fawaz  Damra kept constant contact with El Sayyid Nosair a Palestinian, member of the Al Farook Mosque terror cell and the murderer of Rabbi Meir Kahane on 11/05/1990.

Shortly before the first attack on the World Trade Center – WTC, on 02/26/1993, in 02/05/1993, Fawaz  Damra lied to FBI investigators when he denied any connections with El Sayyid Nosair or another member of the Al Farook Mosque in Brooklyn, Mahmud Abuhalima , that participated in this attack.

After The 9/11 Fawaz  Damra was arrested and accused of deceiving and lying to the authority and using forged documents in 1994 when he applied for citizenship in USA. In his trial Fawaz  Damra’s connection with the head of PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad in USA, Prof Sami al-Arian, was revealed.  Fawaz  Damra was convicted on 06/17/2004 and denied his USA citizenship.                                                 

After more than two years in jail Fawaz  Damra was deported, on 01/2007, through Jordan, back to his native town Nablus in the Palestinian West Bank. He was arrested by Israel on 01/11/2007.

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