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Ismail  Shalabi – Ismail Abdallah Sbaitan Shalabi was born in Jordan on 04/30/1973.  His first passport was issued in Jordan in 1996 so he, probably, came to Germany some time later. Ismail  Shalabi renewed his passport in Jordan in o4/2001.




Ashraf  al-Dagma – code name Noor, is a Jordanian citizen from Palestinian descent. He was born on 28/04/1969 in Absan, Gaza Strip, Palestinian Authority.

Ashraf  al-Dagma arrived to Germany, probably in 1999, was granted political asylum and got a Refugee travel document issued in Germany on 04/30/2000.




Jamel  Moustfa was born on 09/08/1973 in Tiaret, Algeria. He used dozens of aliases, used forged documents on regular basis to such extent that it was hard to trace his entrance to Germany.  Jamel  Moustfa was a criminal as well as an Islamic terrorist. When he was arrested Jamel  Moustfa used a forged Danish driving license made out to Ali Barkani, born on 08/22/1973 in Morocco.



In 09/2001 all of the above, alongside Mohammed Abu Dhees and Shadi Abdallah, formed the Al-Tawhid group led by Mohammed Abu Dhees and became known later as the Dusseldorf Cell.

On 04/23/2003 Mohammed Abu Dhees, Ismail  Shalabi, Ashraf  al-Dagma and Jamel  Moustfa were arrested on terror charges.

On 10/26/2005 Mohammed Abu Dhees, Ismail  Shalabi and Ashraf  al-Dagma were convicted for plotting attacks and belonging to a terrorist organization. In his trial Ashraf  al-Dagma confessed that he faked passports but insisted they were not used for terror activity. They were sentenced up to eight years in jail.

Jamel Moustfa was convicted of supporting a terrorist group and was sentenced to five years in jail.

** “Al-Tawhid “ (the Unitarians) is an Islamic ideology that there is a unification of  the prophet Mohamed and God. Therefore the words and teaching of Mohamed are not an interpretation of Gods’ words but the words of God himself.

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