Salim  Boukari was born in Algeria in 1972. He fled Algeria to France when the civil war erupted there in late 1992.

Salim  Boukari lived a short time in France and then, on advice of his friends, moved to England, UK because he could live there without papers. Salim  Boukari lived in UK on and off for almost 10 years from 1992 to 2001, part of the time with another Frankfurt Group member and Strasbourg plotters, Lamine Maroni, who had been living in Sheffield as an asylum seeker.

According to his own testimony Salim  Boukari became radical and was drifted to Islamic activity under the influence of his friends in London, UK. He soon became active in the Frankfurt Group.

Salim  Boukari admitted in his trial that in early 1999 he attended Al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan. There Salim  Boukari met two of his codefendants Fouhad Sabour and Lamine Maroni.

In late 2000 Salim  Boukari, with Fouhad Sabour, rented an apartment in Baden-Baden, 60 kilometers from Strasbourg, in preparation to the planned Strasbourg plot attack. A videotape showing Christmas market in front of the cathedral in Strasbourg and a busy square in the center of town was found in the police search in Baden-Baden’s apartment 0n 12/23/2000.

Salim  Boukari was arrested in o4/2001, alongside three other members of the Frankfurt Group, in connection with the Strasbourg plot and was sentenced in 03/2003 for 12 years imprisonment.

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