Ahmed Ali El-Omar, a 24-year-old Australian boxing champion from Sydney, with a promising future in boxing, stopped training and left Australia to Lebanon in mid June 2007.

On 06/27/2007, Lebanon made known his arrest for terror charges. He is the fourth Australian citizen from Lebanese descent now held in Lebanon for terror charges. The other three are Ibrahim Sabouh, Ahmad El-Omar, nephew of Ahmed Ali El-Omar, and Mahammad Basal. It seems to be that all the four operated as a terror cell. A fifth suspect, a former Sydney taxi driver, Omar Hadba, may have been the owner of a Tripoli workshop found stacked with weapons and explosives on the weekend of 06/22/2007.

Omar Hadba, born in 1963, was arrested the next day 06/28/2007, and intelligence sources in Lebanon claim that he is, most likely, connected to “Fatah al-Islam“, that clashes with Lebanese army in Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp near Tripoli. The Lebanese military intelligence officers described Omar Hadba as a reluctant Jihadi who may have led police to his arsenal after becoming disillusioned with his militant cause.

The Lebanese security service was looking to question the Australian former boxer and Islamic teacher Sheikh Faiz Muhammad who had an influence on Ahmed Ali El-Omar.   

Since 05/2007 Lebanon’s army was fighting “Fatah al-Islam” in the Palestinian refugee camp Nahr al-Bared close to the Northern city of Tripoli. (see – LEBANESE crisis).

* Ahmed Ali El-Omar managed to return to Australia, married and became a father of three. He was detained, along with five other suspects, by the Australian police in Sidney and charged, on Sunday 09/16/2012, with affray for his alleged involvement in a violent protest over an anti-Islamist video, Innocence Of Muslims. He was ordered to remain behind bars.

Magistrate Andrew George said Elomar had breached bail for driving offences and could not be trusted to obey his bail conditions, while Elomar’s lawyer argued his arrest was not “justified”.

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