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Musaad  Aruchi was born in the mid 60’s in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. His parents, later, moved to Kuwait and subsequently to other Persian Gulf states.

Musaad Aruchi became one of senior Al Qaeda operatives in Pakistan after The 9/11. He had family relations with The 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaik Mohammed, probably was his nephew, and cousin of Ramzi Yousef. After operation “Absolute Justice” in 11/2001, when he appeared on the USA intelligence screen as a senior Al Qaeda operative, a million dollar bounty was offered for his capture.    Musaad  Aruchi was in touch with Naeem Noor Khan regularly. 

Musaad  Aruchi was arrested in Karachi, Pakistan, on 06/12/2004, after he was implicated with Gen. Hayat Attempt two days earlier. His investigation led to the arrest of Naeem Noor Khan on 07/13/2004. Intelligence officials in Pakistan said the break through came when a 9 kg roadside bomb was found after it failed to explode. Police traced its ownership to Musaad  Aruchi. He claimed after his arrest that he belong to a new group “Jundullah” – “Soldiers of God”, probably one of many names used to confuse the security services. Street maps of New York were found in his apartment, as were some computer disks containing information on other American buildings. Jundallah” was especially implicated in Quetta-Violence .

After three days investigation of Musaad  Aruchi by the PAKISTANI intelligence – ISI – he was handed over to the CIA. Musaad  Aruchi‘s location today (07/2007) is unknown but it is assumed that Musaad  Aruchi is detained in Guantanamo.

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