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Adel  Tebourski was born in Tunisia in 1963. In 1985 he immigrated to Belgium and after a short while moved to France. In 1995 Adel  Tebourski married a French woman, became a French citizen through marriage and has a son. He divorced his wife in 2004 while he was in detention. He worked as a journalist in Paris.

Adel  Tebourski was arrested on 11/26/2001, after The 9/11, in the North of France for his alleged role in Ahmad Shah Massoud’s assassination on 09/09/2001 in North Afghanistan. 

On 05/17/2005 Adel  Tebourski, alongside with Abderrahmane Ameuroud and Youssef el Aouni, was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment and striped from his French citizenship in the main Paris criminal court for providing funds and forged documents to the two Tunisian militants and al Qaeda activists. The activists  posed as journalists and died when they detonated a bomb that killed Ahmad Shah Massoud during an interview in Afghanistan, on 09/09/2001, two days before the 9/11 attacks.

Adel  Tebourski helped finance the trip from Germany to Afghanistan for one of Ahmad Shah Massoud ‘s killers, Dahmane Abd el-Sattar, whom he knew from 1990 when they both were students in the same mathematic course in the University of Brussels, Belgium.  Adel  Tebourski provided faked journalist identity cards to the two assassins. He also sent on 01/2001 to Dahmane Abd el-Sattar in Afghanistan a French-Arab dictionary through Sattar’s second wife, Malika El-Aroud, when she joined him in Afghanistan.   

Adel  Tebourski claimed in his trial that he, indeed, helped the assassins to travel to Afghanistan to volunteer in civil activities and had no clue what was the real purpose of their voyage.

Adel  Tebourski  was released from prison on 07/22/2006 but, before being expelled back to Tunisia, he left France to Tunisia on his own choice.

Today (08/2007) Adel  Tebourski is living in Tunisia. He published in the web few articles in which he expressed regret for his role in the Ahmad Shah Massoud’s assassination and continuous to claim that he did not know the true purpose of his deeds. He also claimed that he was tortured in France during his investigation.  


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