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* Dr. Mohammed  Asha was born in Saudi Arabia in 1981. His family, from Palestinian descent, moved to Jordan in 1991. Dr. Mohammed   Asha is one of nine children – six brothers and two sisters – three of whom are doctors and one an engineer. He is married to Marwa and a father to one child.

Dr. Mohammed  Asha was a medical student at the University of Jordan’s medical school in Amman, Jordan’s capital, for six years between the years 1998-2004. He graduated as a medical doctor in 2004. According to Jordanian authority Dr. Mohammed   Asha has no previous criminal record in Jordan.

Dr. Mohammed  Asha moved to UK in 2005 with his wife, who is a lab technician. He worked in the UK National Health Service (NHS) as a junior hospital doctor, yet in medical training. His specialization is reported to be neurology. Dr. Mohammed  Asha worked also as a junior doctor at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford and lived in Staffordshire.

According to his friends in UK he seemed influenced by Islamist ideologies in Britain and even changed his appearance growing a long beard, looking like an Islamist extremist. Dr. Mohammed Asha has also been recorded writing on the Internet in sarcastic terms about  the Danish Muhammad cartoons published on 09/30/2006.

Dr. Mohammed Asha was arrested with his 27-year-old wife Marwa, who was in traditional Muslim dress, on the M6 highway in Cheshire, on 06/30/2007 night. His wife was released without any charges on 07/12/2007.

Eventualy Dr. Mohammed Asha was charged on 07/19/2007 with conspiracy to cause explosions related to the Doctors plot.  His phone number appears on SIM card of the other suspects in the Doctors plot. Dr. Mohammed  Asha is also believed to have links to a two-bedroom, semi-detached house in Houston, Renfrewshire, just outside Glasgow, which two Asian men had recently moved in to. The house is being searched by police and believed to be used by Dr. Bilal Abdullah, whom he knew while studying together English in Cambridge previously, one of the key suspects and probably the ringleader of the Doctors plot.

The trial of Dr. Mohammed  Asha and Dr. Bilal Abdullah began in London, on Thursday 10/08/2008. They were accused of plotting car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow and of being members of an Islamic terrorist cell. On Tuesday 12/16/2008 Dr. Mohammed  Asha was cleared from all charges of halping to commit a terror attack, which were based, basically, solely on the Fact that Dr. Mohammed  Asha lent money to Dr. Bilal Abdullah.

Today (08/2009) Dr. Mohammed  Asha is working at a Shropshire hospital casualty department using the name Dr. Mohammed Jamal, another combination of his full original name in Arabic which contains four names.

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