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Mirsad  Bektasevic (A) was born on 07/30/1987 in Bosnia in theneighborhood of Ilidza near Sarajevo. His father was killed in a car accident when he was a small boy. In 1994, when the civil war in former Yugoslavia was heating up, his mother moved with him to Sweden. Mirsad  Bektasevic attended regularly in Gothenburg Bellevue Mosque, the town he lived in Sweden.

On 10/19/2005 two men: Cesur Abdulkadir (B), a Danish citizen from Turkish descent and Mirsad  Bektasevic, were arrested in Bosnia in an apartment in the Sarajevo suburb of Ilidza. They were arrested after a surveillance operation which began in 09/2005 after Mirsad  Bektasevic was in close connections with the U.K Cyber cell. Cesur Abdulkadir and Mirsad  Bektasevic arrived to Bosnia three weeks prior to their arrest.

Mirsad Bektasevic, alias “Maximus”, had saved the details of Tariq Al-Daour, Younes Tsouli and Waseem Mughal on his computer, and had internet conversations with them, which had been encrypted.

In the house in Ilidza Bosnian authority found 18kg of explosives, electrical wiring, timing devices, detonators, a suicide bomber’s belt loaded with explosives and video prepared by the U.K Cyber cell.

The investigation revealed that Mirsad  Bektasevic was a key figure in an Islamic terror cell operating in Denmark and Bosnia, targeted USA military facilities in Europe and, more specifically, the USS John Kennedy aircraft carrier based temporarily in Bosnia. The Danish Copenhagen cell was arrested at the end of 10/2005. In an exchange of massages with irhabi007, the e-mail code of Younes Tsouli, in 02/2005 Mirsad  Bektasevic mentioned other targets, including strip-tease clubs in Europe.

Mirsad  Bektasevic was sentenced on 01/11/2007 to 15 years and four months, and Abdulkadir Cesur received a 13-year imprisonment. He was moved, on Saturday 07/04/2009, from Bosnian jail to a Swedish jail to complete his term.

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