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Mustapha  Baouchi was born in Casablanca in 1975. He moved with his family to Paris, France, as a small child. Mustapha  Baouchi was the Paris cell leader of the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group – ( CICM ) operating in France.

Mustapha  Baouchi used to travel frequently between Germany, UK and Belgium and it is assumed that the purpose of his voyages was to coordinate his activity with other CICM cells in Europe. In the late 90’s Mustapha  Baouchi also attended Al Qaeda’s training camps in Afghanistan where he allegedly underwent explosives training. He stayed for a short time in Pakistan.

Mustapha  Baouchi was arrested in 04/05/2004 in connection with the Casablanca Bombings in Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport, when he was about to Leave France with Attila Turk, and accused of helping to finance the attack with money robbed by his brother Hassan Baouchi, a former employee with Brink’s security company. Almost simultaneously, the French police arrested in paris and South France 11 more suspects in belonging to the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group – (CICM) network in France. 4 of the detainees were later released without any charges.

On 07/11/2007 a Paris court convicted Mustapha  Baouchi, one of the 2003 Casablanca Bombings offenders, alongside with the Maroccan-Network, for providing logistic and financial support to the Casablanca Bombings and sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment and deportation back to Morocco.


*Hassan Baouchi, the younger brother of Mustapha  Baouchi, was born in 1981 in Casablanca. In France he worked as an ATM (money machines) technician. Hassan Baouchi was arrested on 11/20/2004 by the French police on suspicions that as a former employee with Brink’s security company, he faked, on 03/01/2003, a robbery in which more then 1.2 million Euro went missing, to help fund a terror network which committed the Casablanca Bombings. He claimed that six armed man with and oriental features overcame him when he was distributing money to six banks in Seine-Saint-Denis region.

Three day after Hassan Baouchi’s arrest, on 11/23/2004, the French police arrested two suspects in the robbery, the brothers Jamel and Zinedine Khalid. With their cooperation the French authority recovered a part of the money but the two Khalid brothers did not frame in their investigation Hassan Baouchi. 

An interior ministry spokesman told Reuters news agency: “Hassan Baouchi organized his own kidnapping and the theft of the money for the cash machines”. Although Hassan Baouchi’s original story of the robbery was not believed when he reported it, police had no evidence on which to detain him and he was, eventually, released without charges. 


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