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In the Islam the “Rashidun”, can be translated as “the First”, refer to the first three generations of Islam and to people who knew the Prophet Muhammad or absorbed the right spirit of his time from his closest friends and family. 

According to the Islamic tradition at the time of the “Rashidun”, the 7th century, the Islam was in his best and purest form. The Islam of the “Rashidun” was characterized by modesty, friendship, mutual cooperation and assistance, caring about the needy, devotion to Islam and Jihad. Most of the big conquests of Islam occurred at that time.

Initialy the Jihad was not against Jews or Christians, who believed in the same abstract God and were not forced to convert to Islam, but against the pagans who were forced to covert to Islam or face death. Nowadays Christian and Jews, especially Jews, are considered “infidels” or ”Kufur” in Arabic In that aspect the modern Salafists are deviate from the early days of Islam. 

Since the early time of Islam, when the Islamic society is in crisis, there is an aspiration in parts of the Islam to restore the day of the “Rashidun” to the “predecessors” or “early generations”, in Arabic “Salafiun”( in single – “Salafi”). In Arabic Salaf means “early forefather”. The Salafist groups are trying to imitate the predecessors by their personal way of life or by promoting the predecessors values in the Islamic society. 

There are many forms to Salafism – Salafiyya most of them peaceful and not violent. Some are organized in small communities focused on their personal way of life. Others try to influence the surrounding Islamic society by preaching or some sort of social welfare activities. Some refer to the modern technology as a useful tool, which does not contradict the true Islam and others see the modern technology, as the source of hedonist corrupted society.

Some of the Salafist groups are very violent and try to impose by force the right Salafist behavior on their fellow Muslims such as the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat – (GSPC) in Algeria or the Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia.

At the end of the 20th century, with the phenomenon of the Global Jihad, some Salafist groups gave a completely deviate new meaning to the Jihad, as aimed against Jews and Christians, rather then the original Jihad of the predecessors in the7th century against the pagans such as the Salafia Jihadia led by Mohamed Fizazi in Morocco.   


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