The implementation of the Global Jihad leans on two pillars: the suicide attackers or bombers on the operational side and the Internet or cyber space on the management aspect.

The three components Command, Control and Communication, necessary for any successful operation, including terror attacks, are carried out almost inclusively through the Internet,

The Cyber space is also the main Islamic Militancy tool for propaganda, distributing ideas, recruiting volunteers and raising money.

Most of the Islamic terrorists recruited in Europe and America, after operation “Absolute Justice” in 12/2001 in Afghanistan, were shown footage distributed in the web of “atrocities” against Muslims in Iraq, Kashmir, Chechnya or Palestine. Many of them kept in their computers speeches of Osama Bin Laden or other senior Al Qaeda figures and specially favored are the pieces of beheading of captured “infidels” in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq such as Nick Breg, an American businessman who was beheaded in Iraq on 05/07/2004.     

The possibility to open a unique e-mail address for each massage, to use free language based on the common association between two correspondents and many other tricks made it almost impossible for the security services in the Western democracies and in other countries to intercept communications related to terror cells.  This is the case unless they have a “mole” in the terror cell, such as Naeem Noor Khan in Pakistan or if the terrorists are reckless and use the same computer and the same e-mail address for too long a time like the UK  Cyber cell, for example..

Many Islamic terror cells, which were exposed and its members arrested through traditional investigations, used regularly the Cyber space to communicate and coordinate their operations without exposing themselves through the web (see the case of Samir-Khan). 

Today (08/2007) the security services in the world don’t have, yet, a reliable system to intercept, to filter and to decode suspicious communications from the general transformation of data through the internet.     

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