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Mustafa Al Hawsawi was born in Jedda, Saudi Arabia on 08/05/1968.  In 1998-2000 Mustafa Al Hawsawi, apparently, worked in Al Qaeda’s media committee in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He used many aliases including the name Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, which deceived the investigators to think that Mustafa Al Hawsawi and Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, Khalid Shaik Mohammed’snephew”, so to speak, are the same man. It was later proved wrong when Ali Abdul Aziz Ali was identified with his second nickname Ammar al-Baluchi. At that period of time Mustafa Al Hawsawi financed Zacarias Moussaoui travels and activity through an Al Qaeda cell in Dublin, Ireland.

From early 2001 Mustafa Al Hawsawi was based in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and helped to finance and to send most of the “Muscle hijackers” in The 9/11 from Saudi Arabia to USA and provide them with the right documents and the money they needed.  He worked with constant connections with Mohamed Atta, The 9/11 hijackers ringleader. The source of the money transferred by Mustafa Al Hawsawi is unclear.

Shortly before The 9/11 Mustafa Al Hawsawi fled to Pakistan. He was arrested with Khalid Shaik Mohammed in Pakistan on 03/01/2003, handed over to USA authority and held in Bagram airbase, North of Kabul, in Afghanistan. He was transferred to Guantanamo on 09/06/2006.

Mustafa Al Hawsawi was mentioned by Zacarias Moussaoui as one of the top Al Qaeda operatives he was in contact with and even asked for Mustafa Al Hawsawi’s testimony in his trial to prove that he had no connection to The 9/11.The request was denied by USA authority. 

The trial of four suspects in plotting and assembling The 9/11:  Khalid Shaik Mohammed ; Tawfiq bin Attash ; Ali Abdul Aziz Ali and Mustafa Al Hawsawi  began on Thursday 06/05/2008 in the Special Military Tribunal in Guantanamo. See – Gitmo 9/11 Trial 

On Friday 11/13/2009, USA Attorney General Eric Holder announced his decision to abolish the military tribunal track and to pass his case to a federal civilian court in New York City, USA (see – Holders NY Decision ) . Mustafa Al Hawsawi made, eventually, his first appearances before the Gitmo Tribunal at the USA base at Guantanamo, on Saturday 05/05/2012.


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