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* Khalid Ahmed Showky el-islambouli was born, probably, in 1954, in northern Egypt. He graduated from the Egyptian Military Academy with excellent grades.Khalid el-islambouli enlisted to the Egyptian army as an artillery officer in a rank of lieutenant. In the Egyptian army, under the influence of fellow officers, Khalid el-islambouli joined the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad.

Khalid el-islambouli’s younger brother, Mohamed el-islambouli, was arrested for having established active connections with religious Islamic groups in Assiut, 400 km South of Cairo. This arrest is thought to be the main event which triggered Khalid el-islambouli’s desire to arrange and carry out the assassination of the Egyptian President Anwar Saadat.

Khalid el-islambouli artillery unit was designated to take part in the military parade in Cairo on 10/06/1981 in the ninth remembrance day of the “Victory’ in the war against Israel that breached out on 10/06/1973. Khalid el-islambouli was not supposed to participate in the October parade, but was chosen by chance to replace an officer who was excused for not being able to participate.

When Khalid el-islambouli’s unit began to approach the President Anwar Saadat‘s platform, he with three other soldiers, jumped from their truck and ran towards the stand while throwing grenades toward President Anwar Saadat’s platform, where he was standing with foreign dignitaries. Khalid el-islambouli climbed the platform and emptied his rifle into Anwar Saadat‘s body, shouting “I have killed the Pharaoh!”. Immediately afterwards Khalid el-islambouli was captured. He and twenty-three co-conspirators were tried and found guilty. Khalid el-islambouli,  Muhammad al-Salam Faraj,  Essam al-Qamari and three other co-conspirators were executed on 04/15/1982.

Epilogue ; 

* Iran, that was at that time in the euphoria of the Islamic revolution and strongly opposed any reconciliation with Israel, declared officially Khalid el-islambouli as a martyr – “Shahid” and in each main Iranian city there is a street on his name.

* The brother, Mohamed el-islambouli, was released before Anwar Saadat‘s assassination. He managed to flee Egypt to Afghanistan and became a senior Islamic militant. Today (08/2007) it is believed that Mohamed el-islambouli is living in Iran under Iranian protection.  


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