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* Mamdouh Mahmud  Salim was born in 1958 in Sudan to a family from Iraqi descent. He is an electrical engineer who was educated in Iraq.

Mamdouh Mahmud  Salim, alias Abu Hajer, managed, in the last years of the war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, guesthouses and training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He was one of the four cofounders of Al Qaeda in 08/1988.

In the mid-1990s, Mamdouh Mahmud  Salim moved his family to Dubai, and launched Arabic religious radio stations in Sudan, Cyprus and Germany.

In the years 1993-1998 Mamdouh Mahmud  Salim traveled to more then 20 countries. He was mainly raising money to support the Muslims in Bosnia. In 1993 Mamdouh Mahmud  Salim and Jamal al-Fadl, another senior Al Qaeda operative, traveled to Vienna and had meetings with the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA). They managed to channel many millions through TWRA to the Muslims in Bosnia. He also established regular working relations with the “Benevolence International Foundation” -BIF-, based in Chicago, USA, that was founded by Enaam Arnaout to raise funds for various causes, many linked to terrorism.

In 11/2002, the U.S. Treasury designated BIF “financiers of terrorism,” blocking the organizations’ accounts.

From 1994 Mamdouh Mahmud  Salim supported and guided Wadih el Hage in his activities in East Africa in full coordination with Mamoun Darkazanli.

In 09/16/1998 Mamdouh Mahmud  Salim was arrested in Germany in connection with the 08/07/1998 attack against USA embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Mamdouh Mahmud  Salim was extradited to USA. On 11/01/2000 he stabbed a US corrections officer, Louis Pepe, in his eye in detention facility in New York.  

On 05/04/2004 Mamdouh Mahmud  Salim was sentenced in New York for 32 years in jail for supporting a terror organization that committed the 08/07/1998 attack and attempted murder of Louis Pepe.

Mamdouh Mahmud  Salim was resentenced, on Tuesday 08/31/2010, in the Southern District of New York, to life in prison for the brutal 2000 attack that permanently disabled Corrections Officer Louis Pepe.

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