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Omar  Saeed Sheikh was born in U.K on 12/23/1973 to a family form Pakistani descent. In his youth he attended public Forest School in North-East London.

  In the years 1987-1989 Omar  Saeed Sheikh attended school in Pakistan, where his family had relocated, before returning to the United Kingdom to continue his studies.

After graduating Forest School, Omar  Saeed Sheikh enrolled at LSE (London School of Economics) in October 1992 where he studied applied Mathematics and Economics.

Omar  Saeed Sheikh was originally recruited by British intelligence agency, MI6, while studying at the London School of Economics (LSE). He was seen with Islamic fundamentalists and was instrumental in recruiting students to the cause around London. It is unclear whether he was recruited to MI6 because of his Islamic connections or mingled in Islamic circle as an MI6 agent.

Omar  Saeed Sheikh was, probably, sent to Bosnia as an aid worker by MI6 to engage in Jihadi operations. At some point Omar  Saeed Sheikh became a rogue or double agent.

Omar  Saeed Sheikh returned to Pakistan in 1993 and began to operate as an ISI agent. By 1994 he was running training camps in Afghanistan.

Omar  Saeed Sheikh was arrested and served time in prison for the 1994 abduction of three British nationals in India. In prison he got acquainted with Aftab Ansari. Omar  Saeed Sheikh was released from jail on 12/31/1999 as part of the Flight 814 hostage deal and provided safe passage to Pakistan.

After The 9/11 The Indian Intelligence provided hard evidence that with the help of Pakistani  Military Intelligence (ISI) chief  Lt’ Gen’ Mahmud Ahmad, Omar  Saeed Sheikh, using the nickname Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad, wired 100.000$, received from Aftab Ansari, to Mohamed Atta  some time before 06/2000.

After his release Omar  Saeed Sheikh associated himself to the Taliban and Al Qaeda and operated hand in hand with Khalid Shaik Mohammed in the abduction and assassination, on 02/01/2002, of the American Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl. He left his Lahore home with his wife and the two-month-old baby four days before Daniel Pearl was abducted in late 01/2002.

Omar  Saeed Sheikh was arrested by Pakistani police on 02/12/2002, in Lahore in connection with the Daniel Pearl assassination and was sentenced to death on 07/15/2002.

Today (08/2007) Omar  Saeed Sheikh is in Pakistani jail awaiting his judicial appeal to be heard. 


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