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* Daniel  Pearl was an American Jew and a Wall street Journal correspondent. He was born In New Jersey, USA on 10/10/1963. When he was young his parents moved to Los Angeles, California.

Daniel  Pearl graduated Stanford University in 1985. In 1990 he began to work with Wall street Journal.

In 01/2002 Daniel  Pearl worked on a journalist report about the possible link between the PAKISTANI secret service ISI, already notorious for its link to Al Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan, and Richard Reid known as the “shoe Bomber”.

On 01/23/2002 Daniel   Pearl was on his way to an interview with Sheiks Mubarak Ali Gilani, when he was kidnapped by an ephemeral group which called itselfThe National Movement for the Restoration of PAkistani Sovereignty”. The kidnappers claimed that Daniel   Pearl was nothing else but a CIA agent.

Nine days later, on 02/01/2002 Daniel  Pearl was murdered and beheaded. His last moments, his confession that he is a Jew and his beheading were broadcasted on the web on 02/21/2002.

With the help of the FBI tracking down the e-mail and web site, used for the footage broadcasting, the PAkistani police arrested on 03/21/2002 Omar Saeed Sheikh and three of his co-partners in the kidnapping. Khalid Shaik Mohammed , no’ 3 in Al Qaeda was arrested on  03/01/2003 near Islamabad, Pakistan, probably through a sting operation when he was lured to a safe house belonging to the PAkistani intelligence ISI.  According to his own statement in 05/2007, in Guantanamo, Khalid Shaik Mohammed beheaded Daniel  Pearl with his own hands on 02/01/2002.

Summary ;

* The kidnapping and specially the footage of the beheading of Daniel  Pearl was the beginning of a gruesome and shocking trend of broadcasting worldwide the beheading of snatched Westerners and non Muslims.

* Daniel  Pearl was investigating possible links between ISI and Richard Reid established through Khalid Shaik Mohammed. In many countries, Pakistan included, such an embarrassing investigation is a life risking activity.

* One prime suspect – Omar Saeed Sheikh, who was released from Indian jail as a part of Flight 814 hostages deal on 12/31/1999, had long relations with ISI. After The 9/11 the INDIAN Intelligence provided hard evidence that with the help of PAkistani  Military Intelligence (ISI) chief  Lt’ Gen’ Mahmud Ahmad, Omar Saeed Sheikh, using the nickname Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad, wired 100.000$ to Mohamed Atta  some time before 06/2000. Omar Saeed Sheikh was linked, no doubt, to ISI’s tops.

* The second prime suspect – Khalid Shaik Mohammed used regularly ISI apartments for his activities and briefing.  He trusted ISI when, under USA heavy pressure, Khalid Shaik Mohammed was lured to one of ISI’s safe house, where he was arrested.

* It was only after USA political pressure and direct involvement in the investigation that PAKISTANI authority was able to track down Daniel  Pearl’s assassins.

* Although there is no hard evidence that Daniel  Pearl’s murder was directed by ISI, the insolvent of ISI in that horrendous crime can not be accidental.

* Asif Ramzi, a member of the hijacking team,was killed in Karachi in a “work accident” on 12/19/2002. Sajid Jabbar, alias Buddha, the go-between, who lured Daniel  Pearl to the meeting point, was arrested, eventually, on 02/17/2004 (see – Asif-Sajid). 

* The Pakistani authorities, on Tuesday 03/19/2013, announced that a suspect, identified as Qari Abdul-Hayee, has been captured two days earlier in connection with the murder Daniel Pearl. A spokesman for Pakistan’s Inter Services (ISI) Public Relations Directorate confirmed the arrest by a paramilitary unit known as the Sindh Rangers and said the suspect had been transferred to police custody.

Qari Abdul Hayee, who is also known as Asadullah or Saeed,, had been sought in connection with terrorist activities dating back almost two decades, including his suspected involvement, as a ‘facilitator” in Pearl’s slaying.

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