Abdel  Nur alias Uncle Abdul, was born in Guyana in 1950. He was trained as a Shiite Imam. Abdel  Nur lived in a poor neighborhood in Guyanaandworked odd jobs at a currency exchange. Abdel  Nur came to Trinidad in the summer of 2007, allegedly, to meet with the leader of Jamaat al Muslimeen –(JAM), Yasin Abu Bakr, in an effort to get support for the JFK bomb plot. The meeting, eventually, did not take place.

On 06/05/2007 Abdel  Nur turned himself to the authorities in Trinidad and was extradited to USA on 08/06/2007. In 12/2010 Abdel  Nur was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.



Abdul  Kadir was born in 1952 in the small town of Buxton, Guyana. His family is Shiite Muslim.  Abdul  Kadir is a chemical engineer, who at one time studied in Iran, and became a senior member in the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), today the main opposition party in Guyana.  Abdul  Kadir was the Mayor of Linden, a small mining town in Guyana and a PM in the years 2001-2006. Abdul  Kadir never expressed any extreme point of view.

Abdul  Kadir was arrested in Trinidad, when he prepared to board a flight to Venezuela with Kareem  Ibrahim, in order to pick up a travel visa there to attend an Islamic religious conference in Iran. The arrest of Abdul  Kadir came on USA request and coordination on Friday 06/01/2007 over the JFK bomb plot suspicions. Abdul  Kadir was extradited to USA on 08/06/2007.

Abdul  Kadir was convicted, on Monday 08/03/2010, by a federal jury in New York, of plotting to blow up fuel lines and tanks at New York’s,  Russell  Defreitas was convicted of a sixth count, surveillance of a mass transportation facility. Abdul  Kadir was acquitted of that count. In 12/2010 Abdul  Kadir was sentenced to life in jail.



Kareem  Ibrahim was born in 1951 in Trinidad. He is a member of a Trinidadian Islamic radical group Jamaat al Muslimeen – JAM (The Society of Muslims) and was an acquaintance of Yasin Abu Bakr, the JAM’s leader.  The Jamaat al Muslimeen – JAM staged on 07/27/1990 a coup attempt in which the prime minister of Trinidad and other local notables were taken hostage. Kareem  Ibrahim is the imam of one of the two main Shiaa’ Mosques in Trinidad. He suggested, during the, so to speak, planning of the JFK bomb plot, to raise money to finance the plot elsewhere – in Iran for example.

Kareem  Ibrahim was arrested with Abdul  Kadir on 06/01/2007 and was extradited to USA on 08/06/2007. On Friday 05/27/2011 Kareem  Ibrahim was convicted by a U.S Federal Jury as charged.



Russell  Defreitas, a Shiite Muslim, was born in Guyana in 1944. Russell  Defreitas left his home town Georgetown in Guyana and immigrated to USA in 1972. He was married and has a daughter but did not keep contact with his wife and daughter for years.  Eventually Russell  Defreitas became a USA citizen.  He was once a wowed jazz saxophone player. Most of his life was in poverty, collecting welfare in Brooklyn, New York. Russell  Defreitas worked for few years until 2001 as a cargo worker in New York JFK airport. Since 2001 he had no permanent mail address.

* On Friday 06/01/2007 American authorities arrested Russell  Defreitas in Brooklyn over suspicions of conspiring to blow up jet fuel supply tanks and a pipeline in JFK International Airport in New. Russell  Defreitas was convicted, on Monday 08/03/2010, by a federal jury in New York, of plotting to blow up fuel lines and tanks at New York’s,  Russell  Defreitas was convicted of all sixth counts including surveillance of a mass transportation facility. On 02/17/2011 Russell  Defreitas was sentenced to life in prison.

* On 06/24/2008 Abdel  Nur, Abdul  Kadir and Kareem  Ibrahim were extradited to USA.

* All four suspects pleaded, on Tuesday 06/29/2010, guilty to lesser charges, which carry sentences of up to 15 years in prison instead of life imprisonment.

* Steven Francis, the FBI informant, testified, on Tuesday 07/07/2010, at a federal trial in Brooklyn that he and Russell  Defreitas drove around the airport and took a close look at jet fuel storage tanks without being stopped. Francis secretly taped Defreitas saying he’d been eyeing the tanks for years.

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