Daoud  Ouhnane was born on 02/04/1970 in Mohammadia/Mascara, Algeria. He fled Algeria, probably, in the mid 90’s and lived in Spain illegally.

In early 2004, prior to the Madrid Trains Bombing, Daoud  Ouhnane made constant phone calls to Taha Seghrouchni, later arrested in Lerida, north-east Spain on 01/05/2007 and is thought to be the financier of the attack.

Daoud  Ouhnane’s fingerprints were found on one of the plastic bags in Alcala de Henares station, as he carried a bomb used on 03/11/2004 in the Madrid Trains Bombing. His fingerprints were, at first, thought by mistake to belong to Brandon Mayfield, an American lawyer from Oregon, USA who converted to Islam (see also – Jeffrey Leon Battle).  Some investigators of the Madrid Trains Bombing are convinced that Daoud  Ouhnane was the mastermind and the chief coordinator of the attack and placed a bomb in the train from Alcala  de Henares station.

Daoud  Ouhnane managed to flee Spain with the assistance of the Barcelona net . Spanish police has evidence that Daoud  Ouhnane was in contact, after he fled Spain, with Djilali Boussiri, a member of Barcelona net , who was arrested on 01/04/2007. Spanish intelligence sources believe that Daoud  Ouhnane is, probably, in Iraq as local connection for Islamist recruits from Spain. Kamal Ahbar claimed in his testemony, in 05/2007, that Daoud  Ouhnane left Spain on 05/20/2004, and that Daoud  Ouhnane died around the 7th or 8th June 2004. 

Today (09/2007) Daoud  Ouhnane is still a fugitive,  his location or deeds are unknown to European authorities and he is considered to be a threat planning more attacks in Europe and Spain.

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