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* Mimoun  Belhadj was born in Morocco in 1971. Mimoun  Belhadj lived in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek near Brussels, Belgium. He is the brother of Youssef Belhadj – one of the principal offenders in the Madrid Trains Bombing. Mimoun  Belhadj was a member in the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group ( CICM ).

In 2002 the Belgian security service got a report from their French counterpart that Mimoun  Belhadj and his brother Youssef Belhadj have regular connections with Mustapha Baouchi, the Paris cell leader of the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group – (CICM).

After the Madrid Trains Bombing, Mimoun  Belhadj, alomg with his friend Abdelhay Asaassi, managed to flee from Belgium to Syria. The Moroccan Authority suspected that they were involved in logistical support to the Casablanca Bombings.  Mimoun  Belhadj and Abdelhay Asaassi were arrested on the Syrian-Iraqi border on 02/01/2005, probably on their way to join Ansar al Islam in the war in Iraq. They were extradited from Syria to Morocco on Moroccan request, in 05/2005.

Mimoun Belhadj was also accused in 08/2005, in Belgium, alongside 17 other suspects, of membership of a terrorist group and passport fraud. 

On 04/2006 Mimoun  Belhadj and Abdelhay Asaassi were interrogated in Sale jail, near Morocco’s capital Rabat, by the Spanish judge Juan del Olmo, the chief investigator of the Madrid Trains Bombing.

On 07/02/2005 Mimoun Belhadj was sentenced by a Moroccan court to 3 years imprisonment for “holding unauthorized public meeting, forging and using a forged passport and assault and battery”. Abdelhay Asaassi was sentenced to 2 years.


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