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 * Mullah Mohammed Omar, a Pashtu, or simply Mullah Omar was born in 1959 in a small village near Kandahar in South East Afghanistan to a family of poor, landless peasants. Kandahar is in the Hartland of the Pashtu tribes in Afghanistan. (The title Mullah means Islamic preacher).

Mullah Omars’ father died before he was born and the responsibility of fending for his family fell to him from very young age.

Mullah Omar joined insurgence Pashtu troops Harakat-i-Inqilab-i-Islami (the Islamic revolutionary Movement) from the early stage of the war against the Russian invasion to Afghanistan in 1979 and fought the pro Russian Afghani regime.

In 1989 Mullah  Omar was one of the founders of the Taliban and with his supporters carried on the civil war in Afghanistan, after the Russian left the country, against Mohammad Najibullah regime, in order to form Afghanistan into a strict Islamic country runs by Islamic law – the Shariaa’.

In 1992 Mullah Omar was wounded, for the fourth time, and lost one eye in an explosion. Mullah  Omar seldom left Kandahar and almost never met with non-Muslims. After he was disabled, Mullah  Omar may have studied and taught in a Madrasah (Islamic school), in the Pakistani border city of Quetta where he was entitled Mullah. Later Mullah  Omar returned, as an Islamic preacher – Mullah – to his homeland in Kandahar (see – Quetta-Violence). 

With the support of the Pakistani intelligence – ISI, and from 1996 with the help of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the Taliban began to gain, gradually, the upper hand. By late 1998 the Taliban ruled over almost  85% of the country except for a small  Shiite enclave on the Iranian border and the Northern Alliance territory on the border with former Soviet Union.        

From 1996 to 2001 Mullah  Omar was the acting Islamic ruler – ‘Emir’ of most of Afghanistan. His regime hosted and protected Al Qaeda. After The 9/11 Mullah  Omar refused to surrender Al Qaeda leadership to USA, which brought USA to support the rival Northern Alliance in taking over Afghanistan in operation “Absolute Justice  in 11/2001.

Mullah  Omar managed to flee and went underground. Today (10/2007) he is on the most wanted list of USA but continues to be at large, to restore the Taliban network and to conduct an effective guerrilla war and suicide attacks against NATO-ISAF troops in Afghanistan. He is a substantial threat to Hamid Karzai’s regime, which is supported by the Western Democracies  

Presidential office spokesperson said, on Wednesday 07/29/2015, that the reclusive leader of the Taliban movement Mullah Omar died in 04/2013. However, no proof has been provided by the government to corroborate their claim.

Though the US government has not confirmed Omar’s death. White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Shultz told reporters “we believe the reports of his death are credible”.


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