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 * Tayssir  Allouni was born inDeir e Zor, Syria in 1955. He obtains a bachelor’s degree in economics from a Syrian university. In 1983 Tayssir  Allouni moved to Spain to continue his studies.

Due to economic hardships Tayssir  Allouni worked as a trader instead of studying. In 1987 he married Fatima al-Zahra and is a father of four. In 1988 Tayssir  Allouni obtained Spanish citizenship.

Tayssir  Allouni worked in various jobs as teacher of Arabic and translator. In 1996 Tayssir  Allouni joined the Arabic service of the Spanish news agency, EFE, as a translator and soon started freelancing for Al-Jazeera T.V NetworkIn late 1996 Tayssir  Allouni also began working with the “Institute of Peace and Dispute Studies” in Granada, Spain.

In 1999 Tayssir  Allouni was promoted in Al Jazeera as their correspondent in Afghanistan and headed the Kabul office for a period of two years before The 9/11. During operation Absolute Justice” in 11/2001 he was the only foreign journalist to remain in Kabul and broadcasted to the world images of the unfolding events. Tayssir  Allouni got a world wide reputation for his unique sources of information in the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

After operation “Absolute Justice”, in early 2002, Tayssir  Allouni moved to Al Jazzera headquarters in Doha, Qatar and worked as a newsroom journalist. During the Iraq War in 03/2003, he went to Baghdad and covered the US-led invasion.

After the invasion to Iraq, in 04/2003, Tayssir  Allouni returned to Spain. He was arrested for suspicions of being an Al Qaeda member and currier on 09/04/2003 and officially charged by the Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon on 09/17/2003.

Tayssir  Allouni was tried on the Spanish Al-Qaeda trial, which was opened on 04/21/2005 in Madrid, alongside 23 defendants, led by Imad Yarkas. He was accused of forming Al Qaeda network in Spain.

On 09/26/2005 Tayssir Allouni was convicted of collaboration with terror and sentenced to 7 years in jail. He was released from Spanish jail in early 03/2012 and arrived to Doha, Qatar’s capital and the home base of Al-Jazeera, on 03/11/2012.

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