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On 04/21/2005 a high profile trial began in Spain on charges against 24 defendants, led by Imad Yarkas, that was described as Al Qaeda network in Spain. Imad Yarkas, Driss Chebli and Ghasoub al-Abrash Ghaylun, were also accused of directly assisting The 9/11 by collecting information related to the attack and organizing the Tarragona Meeting on 07/16/2001.

Another high profile defendant in the trial was the Al-Jazeera T.V Network reporter, Tayssir Allouni. He was accused of transferring money from Spain to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, being a currier and a contact man between Al Qaeda and out of Afghanistan using his job as a cover.

Jamal Zougam, who is detained as a leading suspect in the Madrid Trains Bombing, was one of the key witnesses in the trial and testified about his acquaintance with some of the defendants in the trial: Imad Yarkas, Abdelaziz Benyaich, Said Chedadi and others. The verdict was issued by the Spanish Court on 09/26/2005.

From all the defendants only Imad Yarkas was convicted on 09/26/2005 for indirect assistance to The 9/11 and was sentenced to 27 years imprisonment. The Spanish High Court acquitted him, on 06/01/2006, from the specific charge of assisting The 9/11 and reduced his sentence to 20 years.

* Jasem Mahboule – received 11 years in jail.

* Osama Darra – known as Abu Thabet was jailed for 11 years.

* Mohammed Zouaydi – was sentenced for 9 years.

*Abdullah Khayata Kattan – was jailed for 9 years.

* Mohamed Needl Acaid known as Abu Nidal – was send to 8 years imprisonment,

* Mohamed Zaher Asade – was sentenced for 8 years.

* Abdulrahman Alarnaot – was jailed for 8 years.

* Hassan al-Hussein –got 8 years in prison.

* Sadik Merizak – received 8 years and later acquitted from al charges in the High curt he was released from jail on 04/07/2006.

* Abdelaziz Benyaich – got 8 years imprisonment and later acquitted from al charges in the Spanish High Court. He was released from jail on 04/07/2006.

* Said Chedadi and Hajib Chaib Mohammed were found guilty and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment. They were released from jail on 01/24/2006, after 4.5 years, because the Spanish Supreme Court has been so slow in handling their cases.

TV network reporter Tayssir Allouni was convicted of collaboration with terror and sentenced to 7 years in jail.

* Luis Jose Galan Gonzales, a convert to Islam, known also as Yusuf Galan, was jailed for 7 years.

* Kamal Hadid Chaar – received 6 years.

* Jamal Hussein – was sent to 6 years imprisonment.

* Driss Chebli , the alleged organizer of the Tarragona Meeting, was sentenced for 6 years. He was later acquitted from all charges in the High Court and released from jail on 04/07/2006.

* Acquitted from all charges:

* Ghasoub al-Abrash Ghaylun, one of the prime suspects who was charged also in assisting The 9/11.

* Waheed Koshaji Kelani, his brother Ahmad Koshaji Kelani, Mohamed Khair Al Saqqa, Bassam Dalati Satut and Sid Ahmed Boudjella were released on bail in the early stages of the trial and were acquitted from all charges.




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