On 09/26/2005, 17 from 24 defendants in the Spanish Al-Qaeda trial, which was opened in Madrid on 04/21/2005, were convicted for forming an Al Qaeda network in Spain. They were sentenced for time in jail between 6 to 11 years. The 18th convict, Imad Yarkas, the leader of the network was sentenced for 27 years imprisonment.

A. Sentenced for 8 years imprisonment;


* Mohamed Needl  Acaid, alias Abu Nidal, was born in Syria on 03/01/1967. Mohamed Needl  Acaid was married with a Spanish woman from Ceuta (Spanish city in Northern Africa), Nayat Fadal Mohamed. He fought in the Balkans and returned to SPAIN in 1996. Mohamed Needl  Acaid was already under police investigation in SPAIN in 1998 but the prosecutor came to conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to warrant an arrest. Mohamed Needl  Acaid was arrested on 11/17/2001 and accused of a trip to Bosnia, sending money to people in Jordan and Yemen, and using stolen credit cards. In his investigation he spoke about a house the cell used to gather in in Morata de Tajuna, a suburb of Madrid. That house was used later for the assembling of bombs used in the Madrid Trains Bombing on 03/11/2004.


* Mohamed Zaher  Asade is married to Zafra, a Spanish woman, born in 1972 and converted to Islam .He was already arrested once in 04/1999 in Madrid for theft as a member of a street gang. Mohamed Zaher  Asade was released on condition that he will move to another city in SPAIN and he chose Granada. In Granada Mohamed Zaher  Asade soon became a close friend and confidant of Tayssir Allouni  and when Tayssir Allouni  went for his job in Afghanistan Mohamed Zaher  Asade was his contact man to the Al Qaeda network in SPAIN.  Mohamed Zaher  Asade was arrested on 11/17/2001 and accused of belonging to a terrorist group.


* Abdulrahman  Alarnaot Abu-Aljer alias Abu Obed, was born in 1965 in Syria and is a Spanish citizen. He fought with Imad Yarkas in  a battalion of Arab volunteers, in the 7 Mujahideen Brigade, in Zenica, Bosnia, led by Abdelkader Mokhtari. After Bosnia Abdulrahman  Alarnaot moved to SPAIN in 1995 and was assisted by a loan from Mohammed Zouaydi in order to settle down in SPAIN. Abdulrahman  Alarnaot, with Kamal Hadid Chaar, were in contact, on behalf of Al Qaeda network in Spain, with Mustafa Setmarian – a key al Qaeda operative, who ran a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan. Abdulrahman  Alarnaot was accused of belonging to a terrorist group.


* Hassan Al-Hussein alias Abu Ubaida, is from Syrian descent and the brother of Jamal Hussein. He was arrested on 09/19/2003 due to his connection with Tayssir Allouni, who was arrested few days earlier on 09/04/2003. Hassan Al-Hussein was a member of alarnaot cell in Granada formed in 1997. He went to Afghanistan for a short period of training in Al Qaeda’s camp, probably in 1998. Hassan Al-Hussein was accused of belonging to a terrorist group.


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