* Jihad can be translated from Arabic “to make an effort” for Islam obviously. Jihad is the obligation of each Muslim, within his abilities, to spread and to strengthen Islam in the world and it supposes to last up to the day that the last non Muslim human being recognizes Islam as the true faith. Generally the obligation of Jihad was understood as a peaceful method of setting a personal and social example of moral and caring behavior so others will join Islam because of its clear advantage for human desire for better, honest and non violent life. But during history, especially in the early days of Islam, Jihad by sword was an acceptable method, although never the only way to distribute and promote Islam. By its definition Jihad is, therefore, Global.

Initially, in the early days of Islam, Jihad did not include Jews or Christians, who believed in the same abstract God and were not forced to convert to Islam, but against the pagans who were forced to covert to Islam or face death.

Since the end of the Second World War in 1945 there is a growing frustration in the Arab and Muslim world as a result of the relapse of the Muslim and Arab countries despite their enormous wealth, especially in oil. The first decades after the World War II the Arabs channeled their ambitions to prosperity and political international power through Arab Socialism, for example the Nasserism in Egypt and the Baath’ in Syria and Iraq.

 The continuous deterioration in economy and human rights under so called ‘socialist’ leaders strengthen the general feeling that only true Islam can restore the glory of the early days of Islam and the dignity of all the Muslims in the world.

All over the Muslim world a new ideology emerged and is preached by Muslim clergy.  

A – The destiny of the Muslims, their wealth and their future were hijacked by the reach Western world for its benefits.

B –  The greedy Western world drew, therefore, the borders of the Arab world to divide the Arab Muslims, supporting corrupt Arab regimes – all in order to continue the exploitation of the Muslim world.

C –   Israel was deliberately planted in the Middle East by Western powers to serve as an outpost in the Muslim World in order to protect Western interests on Arab and Muslim soil.

D – That shameful exploitation of Muslims can be stopped only by removing all the corrupted Arab regimes from power, clear the Muslim world from all foreign interests and presence and regain control on Muslim soil and wealth.

The modern Global Jihad of the 21th century, with the intent to wage war against non Muslims in the whole world, is directed especially against Christians, Jews and Western Democracies. The Global Jihad, in its current form as a violent war against Crusaders (Christians) and Jews, is an unpredictable consequence of three major events, which occurred in 1979.

A- The war in Afghanistan, which breached out in 1979, and the defeat of the mighty Soviet Army there in 1988. It was the American CIA and the notorious Pakistani Intelligence – ISI that reinvented and twisted the term Jihad as a Holy War against all non Muslims (since Russians were Christians and therefore are not referred to in the original Jihad) in order to recruit thousands of Muslims to the war against the Russians from all over the world. Ironically the term Jihad, as it is understood today, was invented partialy by non Muslims – the American CIA.
 The feeling of euphoria of the holy warriors- Mujahideen – coming from all Muslim world and crystallized in the Afghan war, was, that nothing but God can overcome them. 

 B- The Islamic Revolution in Iran, in 1979, and the establishment of a Muslim regime instead of a pro-Western and pro-American regime with ties to Israel.

 C- The peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1979 which was considered by radical Muslims as a major betrayal of a corrupted pro-Western regime in Egypt in order to perpetuate the existence of Israel.

Not all the wars where Muslims are fighting non Muslims are part of the Global Jihad.  In Chechnya Chechens are fighting Russians since their region was conquered from the Turkish Empire at the beginning of the 19th century. Muslims in the Southern island Mindanao in the Philippines  are fighting the Northern Christian regime for hundreds of years and tribes in Yemen, Somalia or  Afghanistan are fighting each other, whatever the reason is, for hundreds of years. Many conflicts in the world, such as the conflicts in the Balkans or the Middle East, have also other origins then the modern Global Jihad although they are influenced in different degrees from the Jihad effect.

 The Global Jihad has a great influence, already, on the global economy, the human rights and democracy. Islamic terror will evidently overshadow the international relations, at least, in the first half of the 21 century. Same as the communist ideology did for the most of the 20 century. From our perspective now we do not know if there is a way to overcome this phenomenon or, in time, it will be subdued and collapse from within precisely like the Soviet Union 25 years ago because of social and economic changes.  This site is an attempt to give a comprehensive view on the Global Jihad and to explain the big dilemmas in the war with Islamic terror.

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