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* Ali  Amrozi bin Haji Nurhasyim was born on 07/05/1962 in the sleepy village of Tenggulun, East Java, Indonesia. He is the fifth of 13 children, the younger brother of Ali Ghufron and the older brother of Ali Imron. In his teen age Ali Amrozi did not do well in school, appearing more interested in motorbikes and girls.

Ali Amrozi left for Malaysia in the late 1980s in search of work, where he met his older brother Ali Ghufron, who convinced him to join his Islamic activity. He returned to Indonesia in 1991 with much stronger Islamic beliefs. Eventually Ali  Amrozi became the more extreme of the three brothers.   

On the night of the Bali ‘02 Bombings Ali  Amrozi drove the suicide bomber Arnson, outside the Sari Club. He was arested on 11/05/2002 and accused of buying the explosives and the van used to make and transport the bombs which destroyed a bar and a night club in Bali ‘02 Bombings.

Ali Amrozi admitted in his interrogation to meeting several times and places the INDONESIAN JI  spiritual leaderAbu Bakar Bashir. During his trial Ali  Amrozi sang and repeated:   “Continue the holy struggle, get rid of Zionists, get rid of the Christian filth. God is great, this is my song”. Because of his constant smile he is named also “The smiling bomber”.

On 08/07/2003 Ali  Amrozi, alongside Ali Ghufron and Imam Samudra, was convicted and sentenced to death but due to technical judicial difficulties his death sentence was suspended. Ali  Amrozi was detained in the prison island of Nusakambangan, Indonesia. 

Ali Amrozi was executed by a firing squad on Sunday 11/09/2008 dawn.

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