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Mohammed Ihsan, known as Jhoni  Hendrawan, alias Idris, was born in 1968 in Indonesia.

According to his own confession Jhoni  Hendrawan (Idris) was responsible for logistics and transport during the Bali ‘02 Bombings, as well as using a mobile telephone to trigger the smallest of the three devices that went off that evening – a parcel bomb close to the US consulate that did little harm. In 09/2002, Jhoni  Hendrawan (Idris) handed 23 million rupiah in cash to Ali Amrozi, who later spent the money on explosive materials and the down payment for a minivan that was used to carry the bombs.

Jhoni Hendrawan (Idris) was arrested in North Sumatra provincial capital Medan in 06/2003 after allegedly robbing a bank and an eight-month search. His trial was opened in Jakarta on 04/27/2004.  

On 08/24/2004 Jhoni  Hendrawan (Idris) was acquitted from all charges related to the Bali ‘02 Bombings, despite confessing his involvement, due to a recent ruling preventing the retrospective use of the law used to charge him.

Jhoni Hendrawan (Idris) was found guilty of being one of a chain of people who handled and transferred 130 kg explosives used in the Marriott Hotel bombing and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for his role in this attack, despite the fact that on the day of the attack he was already in custody.  

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