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On 12/24/2000, Christmas eve, a series of about 20 blasts hit Christian churches in  Jakarta, in addition to 9 other bombs in other cities in Indonesia. 18 people were killed from the blats and about 100 wounded. The attack was aimed at the country’s minority Christian minority community.

Some of the bombs were coincided with the end of Mass. One exploded outside the main Roman Catholic cathedral in Jakarta, and the others blew up outside convents and Catholic schools.

The attack was the first major offensive of the INDONESIAN JI against non Muslim targets in the country and placed the organization as a serious terror threat to Indonesia.

In the investigation the Indonesian police found documents implicating Hambali in the bombings. Many of the typical patterns of the attack were used later by the INDONESIAN JI in the Bali ‘02 Bombings and the Marriott Hotel attack.

Summary ;

* The infrastructure of the Christmas  2000 attack was not cracked down until after the Marriott hotel attack in 08/2003 and committed also the Bali ’02 Bombings.  

* * It is a failure of the Indonesian authority to investigate the Christmas  2000 attack properly if almost the same men with the same method, using the same technique, managed to carry out few attacks almost up to three years later. 

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