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* Rashid  Ramda was born on 09/29/1969 in al-Ogla in East Algeria to a family from Berber origin. All the members of his family are well educated: one of his brothers is an architect-engineer, another brother is a computer scientist. Rashid  Ramda studied architecture at the “Institut Polytechnique” in Algeria.

His literature teacher was a co-founder of the FIS – the “Islamic Salvation Front” and Rashid  Ramda himself became a devoted member in FIS already from 1988. According to his own statements, Rashid  Ramda left Algeria to Pakistan in 1989 and worked some time with Muslim humanitarian NGOs organizations assisting Afghan refugees.

In 12/1991, in the first multi-party elections held in Algeria, the “Islamic Salvation Front” won the election and took the majority in the parliament. On January 1992 the Algerian Army took over, in a sort of a military coup, the regime and Algeria plunged to a bloody civil war between the Army and Islamic groups. Rashid  Ramda joined GIA when it was founded in early 1992.

In 1993 Rashid Ramda fled Algeria to London, UK, after he was sentenced to death in absentia in Algeria for a terrorist attack at the airport of Algiers, which had killed 9 and wounded 123.

In London Rashid Ramda worked as a publicist for the El Ansar newspaper, suspected by the French intelligence as the mouthpiece of the GIA. Rashid  Ramda was accused by the French authority of helping financing the Paris Metro bombings on 07/27/1995 and the 1995-bombings, that was ascribed to GIA, after his fingerprint had been found on a money order of 38,000 Francs sent to the bomber Ait Ali Belkacem (seeBensaid and Belkacem ).

Rashid Ramda was arrested in UK on 11/04/1995. After a 10-year judicial battle between French and British authorities, he was extradited to France to face trial.

On 10/26/2007 Rashid  Ramda was sentenced in France for a minimum of 22 years in jail for his role in the 07/27/1995 attack that killed eight and injured 150.

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