On 12/30/2000, just 6 days after the Christmas 2000 attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, a parking car bomb exploded in a Manila train station. Four more explosive devices exploded in Manila, Philippines’s capital. 22 people were killed and many other wounded.

An anonymous phone call to the police said the bomb had been placed in retaliation for a government attack on the main camp of the rebel Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), on the island of Mindanao. Investigators later found that the phone belonged to Fathur Rohman Ghozi, an INDONESIAN JI activist, operating under the command of Hambali. Police also revealed that Fathur Rohman Ghozi had place calls to Indonesia and Malaysia prior to and after the attack. Phone records showed that two of the people called by Fathur Rohman Ghozi were Hambali and the Malaysian Faiz Bafana, who was arrested in Singapore in 12/2001.

In 01/15/2002, about a year later, the Philippines police managed to arrest Fathur Rohman Ghozi, the suspected bomb maker of the attack. His arrest has led to the seizure of one ton of TNT and detonating equipment. Philippines police said Fathur Rohman Ghozi has admitted responsibility for the Manila 2001 eve attack. The suspect added that he had been given instructions and money by Faiz Bafana.

The Philippines authorities concluded that the operation was masterminded by Hambali , coordinated by Faiz Bafana, the bombs were assembled under the supervision of Fathur Rohman Ghozi and placed by MILF members under the direct command of Mukhlis Yunos (arrested on 05/27/2003), who Philippines investigators believed runs  MILF special operations group.


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