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In order to justify and convince the UN, public opinion and alleys about the necessity of invading Iraq  in late 2002 and early 2003 USA and UK relayed mainly on three sources of information.


A.  Mohamed Al Kahtani – he was captured in Afghanistan in 12/2001 during operation Absolute Justice” and was suspected as the possible 20’s hijacker from The 9/11. He was so badly tortured in Guantanamo, that, on 12/07/2002, Mohamed Al Kahtani was rushed to hospital suffering from brain damage, very low pulse and in critical condition. In his situation he was willing to admit what ever the interrogators wanted to here. When asked about Iraq, Mohamed Al Kahtani admitted an imaginary story that Al Qaeda received ordinary trainings by Saddam Hussain’s Baath’ regime how to take over and kidnap commercial airliners.  That story was later proved as a complete fantasy.

B. Ahmed Chalabi – A Sunni Iraqi and a convicted international crook who was sentenced in

Absentia in Jordan in 1982 for 22 years in Jail for banking frauds. The Israeli Mossad and the Jordanian intelligence warned US from his reliability and from doing any businesses with him.  It was later revealed that he was the only meaningful human intelligence source of the British MI6 and the favor candidate of USA to be the first post Saddam Iraq’s PM.  On 05/20/2004 US army raided his office in Baghdad looking for evidences that he was, from the start, a top Iranian provocateur agent.  On 08/08/2004 an Iraqi arrest warrant was issued against Ahmed Chalabi and his brother Salam Chalabi for international money smuggling and laundering and large scale frauds. Salam Chalabi was accused also of the assassination of the general manager of the Iraqi treasury.  Salam Chalabi. By the way, was also a Supreme Court judge in the new Iraqi “democratic” administration controlled by US. (See also – Chlabi 09.05.08 )

C. Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi A former poor chemical non-graduated student in Baghdad University. He arrived to

German refugee centre in 1999. Rafid Ahmed Alwan, naturally, lied and claimed he is a chemical engineer expert in order to win asylum. According to The CBS 60 Minutes programme, aired on Sunday 11/04/2007, Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi was “not only a liar, but also a thief”.
 * After The 9/11 Rafid Ahmed Alwan– Code name “Curveball” – became a gold-mine for UK and USA intelligence as he fabricated of having knowledge about mobile bio-weapons labs in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. German intelligence agents warned the US in a letter that there was no way to verify Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi claims.  

His descriptions about location in Iraq contradicted and were inconsistent with pictures taken by satellites and UAV.  Rafid Ahmed Alwan did not show any specific knowledge about facilities where he, allegedly, claimed he was working.   

All three sources were used in a speech by then Secretary of State Colin Powell at the UN to back military action in Iraq on 02/05/2003.

-** In an interview to the Guardian in UK, on Tuesday 02/15/2011, Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi admitted he was lying to the Americans all the time.


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