Mohammad  Afzal Guru, an Indian citizen, was born in 1969 in the disputed Kashmir region and is the cousin of Shaukat Hussain.

In 1989 Mohammad  Afzal Guru left Indian Kashmir to Pakistan to be trained as a militant. He returned with no training, disillusioned with his experience. Mohammad  Afzal Guru put down his gun and enrolled himself in Delhi University.

In 1993, without ever having been an active militant, he voluntarily surrendered to the Indian Border Security Force. Instead of being handled appropriately – Mohammad  Afzal Guru, his wife and family suffers, ever since his surrendering, from constant harassments of the Indian security forces.  According to his own testimony given later – the constant harassments and interrogations turned him to radicalization.  Mohammad  Afzal Guru began to join Islamic separatist groups operating in Kashmir and Srinagar.

In 2000 Mohammad Afzal Guru was recruited by Ghazi Baba and became a member of the Islamic terror group, Jaish-e-Mohammed, supported by the Pakistani intelligence – ISI and led by Maulana Masood Azhar. Mohammad  Afzal was the coordinator of the INDIAN Parliament attack on 12/13/2001. He was arrested five days after the attack in Srinagar.

On 12/18/2002 the court  in Delhi, India’s capital, sentenced Mohammad  Afzal to death for treason. He was supposed to be hanged on 10/20/2006 but his sentence was meanwhile suspended.

Mohammad  Afzal Guru was, eventually, hanged in Delhi’s Tihar jail ,on 02/09/2013.


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