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* Qari Hafiz Sajid  Badat, a U.K citizen from Pakistani descent, was born in Gloucester, UK, on 03/28/1979. He was a bright boy who did well at St. James’s Primary School.

Muslim faith was always central to his life. He was well known at the Masjid-e-Noor mosque in Ryecroft Street in Gloucester. Sajid  Badat enrolled at a London University, probably in 1997, and continued his religious studies at the same time. While in London Sajid  Badat has worshipped at the Finsbury Park Mosque, it is most likely that there he was driven to extremism. However, in 1998, he suddenly quit his degree course and began a three-year world tour, visiting India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Intelligence sources claim that in Afghanistan Sajid  Badat was trained, with Richard Reid, to become a suicide bomber and was given a device identical to the one Reid tried to ignite in mid-air in 12/2001.

Sajid Badat returned to Europe via Saudi Arabia. On the day of The 9/11 attacks, he was at the British embassy in Brussels claiming to have lost his passport and receiving a replacement – without the incriminating stamps from Afghanistan.

Sajid Badat returned to UK from Belgium on 12/10/2001. He changed his mind and dismantled the bomb. In an e-mail Sajid  Badat sent on 12/14/2001, four days after his return, intercepted by the British security services MI5, he wrote “indicating he might withdraw”. Although Sajid  Badat had booked a ticket to fly from Manchester to Amsterdam, he backed out of the scheme, missing his flight, and dismantling the bomb, which was kept in his home for two years until his arrest in 11/2003.

Sajid  Badat went on to study at the College of Islamic Knowledge and Guidance in Blackburn, Lancashire. He enrolled on a five-year course but left in the summer of 2003 on his own accord, returning to Gloucester to live with his parents in their terraced house in St James.

On 11/27/2003 Sajid  Badat was arrested in his home in Gloucester as part of a joint anti-terrorism operation between the Metropolitan and Gloucestershire police forces. As Sajid  Badat was charged, police continued to question 14 people in a series of dawn raids around the country. Those raids were followed by anti-terrorist operations last week in which six more people were arrested, on 11/29/2003, 5 in Eastbourne and 1 in London. (see – Eastbourne arrests )

On 02/28/2005 Sajid  Badat admitted plotting with fellow Briton Richard Reid and a Belgian terrorist Nizar Trabelsi to blow up a transatlantic flight from Paris to Miami on 12/22/2001. He was sentenced on 04/22/2005 for 13 years imprisonment.

* On Thursday 04/19/2012, a Brooklyn court in the case of Adis and Zarein was played a video of Sajid  Badat being cross-examined. The jury heard how Sajid  Badat plotted to use a bomb hidden in his shoe to blow up a transatlantic aircraft.

It was the first time a terrorist convicted in the UK has testified at a terror trial abroad. Earlier British prosecutors revealed details of a secret deal in which Badat’s 13-year sentence had been reduced by two years in exchange for his co-operation with the authorities in this and possibly other trials.

Al Qaeda’s slain leader Osama Bin Laden had planned to follow up The 9/11 attacks with shoe bombers to blow up American passenger planes, which would have brought the American economy to its knees, Sajid  Badat testified, on 04/23/2012, in Adis Medunjanin’s trial in Brooklyn, New York.


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