AUSTRALIA, which belongs in its political culture to the Western Democracies, is located in the Southern Pacific, has a population of about 22 millions people (11/2007) and stretches on 7,682,000 km. AUSTRALIA is one of the independent countries descendant from the British Empire and still refers to the British crown as the symbol of its sovereignty and the special bonds with UK and other English speaking nations.

AUSTRALIA consists from the continent island AUSTRALIA and from the large island of Tasmania (68,000 km), is surrounded with a wide ocean and therefore has no borders conflicts and almost no substantial threat from abroad to the sovereignty and the economical development of the country. 

Indeed, although AUSTRALIA was under some sort of direct threat only in World War II,   AUSTRALIAn forces fought along side the other English speaking nations, UK and USA, in World War and in all the wars after World War II, including World War II. In the last 2 decades AUSTRALIAn forces fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

AUSTRALIA is relatively an empty country with population density of about 3.5 per km only, with very large unpopulated areas, even in the more convenient weather areas along the long coast line , and needs, desperately, more skilled population in order to yield the enormous potential of the country. The emigration policy of AUSTRALIA in the last decades is, therefore, very inviting but, not as in Europe or Canada, AUSTRALIA tries to give priority to skilled professionals or people with means. Indeed, most of the emigration to AUSTRALIA is from other wealthy English speaking countries.   

As of 2006, around 90% of AUSTRALIA’s population was of European descent. 64% of AUSTRALIAns call themselves Christian. A total of 19% were categorized as having “No Religion” and a further 12% declined to answer or did not give a response adequate for interpretation. About 5% are followers of non-Christian religions and it is estimated that a half of the non-Christian are Muslims.

Although the Muslim Community in AUSTRALIA experience the same conflict as Muslims in all the Western Democracies and many of the Muslims are frustrated from the support that AUSTRALIA is given to USA and UK. Since the Islamic community is relatively small so is the threat of Islamic terror. So far AUSTRALIAN Authorities had no special difficulties to contain the threat posted by few extreme Muslims.


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