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The ‘Cologne  Khalifat‘ was a group of Muslims operated in Cologne region, Germany, from mid 90s’ up to 12/2001. The group’s political aims were to restore the Islamic Khalifat in the Muslim World.

Khakifah, in Arabic, means “the successor” and refers to the first four successors of Mohammed the Prophet who replaced him as the Political leaders of the Islamic Society as well as the Spiritual leaders and mentors.  Khalifat is therefore an ideal unification of spiritual and political jurisdiction in one man who is supposed to be the leader of all “Nation of Islam”. The first goal of Cologne  Khalifat was to transfer Turkey to a new model of Islamic Khalifat.    

The ‘Cologne Khalifat’ was led by an elusive figure, the Turk Mohammed Metin Kaplan.  Most of Mohammed Metin Kaplan’s followers, estimated about 1,000 (according to German authority there were 12,000 official members in the organization), came to Germany from the neighbor countries: Austria and the Czech Republic, many of them veterans from the Afghan war against the Russians in the 80s’.

The Cologne Khalifat was preaching hate against Jews, supported The 9/11 and incited to violence against infidels. Although Cologne  Khalifat did not execute any terror attacks, two sympathizers of the Cologne  Khalifat, Mounir el Motassadeq and Abdelghani Mzoudi , were active members of the Hamburg Cell and were involved in The 9/11. 

After The 9/11 ‘Cologne Khalifat’ was banned, officially, by the German Authorities. 


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