On 06/30/2004 Samir Azzouz, a Hofstad Group member in Holland, was arrested for armed robbery of a supermarket. During a search of his house, police found, what they believed to be evidence, that Samir Azzouz had been involved in planning several attacks on Dutch targets. Police found in his property maps of Schiphol international airport and a nuclear power station near Brussels, Belgium. The Dutch police also found some chemicals used in explosives, such as fertilizers and light arms ammunition.

Based on the materials found in Samir Azzouz’s property the Dutch police arrested, on 07/30/2004, in Rotterdam, four suspects on suspicion they were planning terror attacks in connection with threats against Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and Parliament in The Hague, Netherlands.

The suspects are reportedly an Indonesian of Dutch nationality, a Somali, a Saudi Arab and a man of unknown nationality. The suspects have been accused of making video footage of buildings in preparation for terrorist attacks.

However, at trial the judge concluded there was insufficient evidence to convict Samir Azzouz on the charge of planning terrorist attacks and he was released. Eventually also the 4 suspects were released too.

Summary ; 

If there was a plot at all – the plot was foiled.  


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