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* Zakaria  Amara was born in 1986. His mother is from Turkish Cypriot descent and his father is of Arab origin.  

Zakaria  Amara attended Mississauga’s Meadowvale Secondary School with two other suspects in the Toronto 06 cell : Fahim Ahmad and Saad Khalid.  He is married to Nada Farooq and since 03/2007 a father to a daughter.

In late 2003, at the age of 17, Zakaria  Amara traveled to Saudi Arabia to carry out the Haj’. He returned from his pilgrimage to Canada more devoted and radical Muslim. In Saudi Arabia Zakaria  Amara enrolled to the Islamic University of Al-Madinah but was rejected.  

In fall 2004 Canada security intelligence service (CSIS) agents took notice of Zacharia  Amara and Fahim Ahmad on a website called, where anti-western ideology is shared among some of the participants.

Zakaria Amara was the more radical and militant figure in the Toronto 06 cell and was constantly pushing the cell leader, Qayyum Abdul Jamal, to be more swift and decisive. He was the one with idea to carry out a mega car bomb attack rather then a shooting or just an “ordinary” bomb attack. Zakaria  Amara concluded that they needed three tons of ammonium nitrate to produce the necessary explosive.   

On 11/2005 Zacharia Amara with Mubin Shaikh, who worked for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) on various intelligence tasks and was asked to infiltrate the Toronto 06 cell , drove over ten hours north to Opasatika, Ontario. He was allegedly scouting a location for a training camp and a safe house.

Zakaria Amara moved into his mother-in-law’s Mississauga home shortly before his arrest on 06/02/2006. Today (11/2007) Zakaria  Amara is denied bail and remains in solitary in Canadian jail.

ON 02/02/2009 Mubin Shaikh testified in a Brampton court in Canada and said that he “felt bad” about playing a key role in helping to recruit youths.

On Thursday 10/08/2009, Zakaria  Amara pleaded guilty at the Ontorio court to two counts of knowingly participating in a terrorist group and intending to cause an explosion to pursue a terrorist activity. Video of Zakaria  Amara performing a trigger test on a remote detonation device was one of several exhibits made public, on Monday 10/19/2009, by a Brampton court.

Also released was video of Oakville’s Saad Gaya and Erin Mills resident Saad Khalid unloading a delivery truck filled with three tonnes of ammonium nitrate destined for truck bombs, just moments before their arrest on 06/02/2006.

* On Thursday 01/14/2010, ZacKria  Amara said, in the court sentencing hearing in Ontario, he is “regretful and sorry” and wants “to pay the moral debt I still owe…I will turn myself around, from a man of destruction to a man of construction”. On Monday 01/18/2010, Zakaria  Amara was sentenced, by a Canadian court, to life imprisonment.

* On 01/16/2012 Zakaria Amara scalded with boiling water on Mohammed Momin Khawaja in a Quebec prison. The circumstances and the background of the dispute aer not fully clear


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