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>* Qayyum  Abdul Jamal was born on 04/01/1963 in Karachi, Pakistan. He arrived to Canada, probably, in the late 80’s.

Qayyum Abdul  Jamal is married, for the second time, to Canadian-born converted to Islam in 1994, Cheryfa Macaulay, and lives in Toronto Canada.  Qayyum Abdul  Jamal is the father of four sons under the age of 10. 

Qayyum Abdul  Jamal was an active member of directors of the Al-Rahman Islamic Centre and Mosque in Mississauga, Toronto. He volunteered and sometimes led prayer sessions at the Al-Rahman Mosque. Qayyum Abdul  Jamal spent much time with a group of young, teenagers, many of whom were influenced by his hard-line version of Islam.

Qayyum Abdul  Jamal was an engineering technician receiving severance pay from a manufacturing plant that had shut down. Qayyum Abdul  Jamal was working part-time as a school-bus driver in the months prior to his arrest, on 06/02/2006, suspected as the ringleader of the Toronto 06 cell. He was accused of helping to coordinate bombing attacks against targets in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Qayyum Abdul  Jamal was released on bail of 100,000$ on 11/05/2007. Today (11/2007) the trial of the Toronto 06 cell suspects, including Qayyum Abdul  Jamal, has not yet began. 



 Asad  Ansari was born on 03/08/1985. He attended Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School in Mississauga, Toronto.

Asad  Ansari was arrested on 06/02/2006 for operating in the Toronto 06 cell and was charged with intending to cause an explosion and receiving training in terrorism.

On 08/30/2006 Asad  Ansari was denied bail for reasons that cannot be released because of a publication ban. The very few details about him and his activity suggest that he holds valuable information for the Canadian authorities.

Eventually, Asad  Ansari was released to home arrest on $250,000 bail, on Saturday 08/29/2009. Asad  Ansari was allowed out for two hours each Saturday to run errands, but every time Ansari leaves the home, he must be accompanied by a court-approved supervisor. He was prohibited contact with his co-accused, use of a cellphone and possession of any electronic device with Internet capability. The trial of Asad  Ansari began in Toronto on 04/11/2010. 

On Thursday 06/24/2010, Asad  Ansari and Steven Vikash Chand, last members of ‘Toronto 18’ were found guilty of participating in a terrorist group that plotted to storm Canadian Parliament and detonate truck bombs in downtown Toronto, they were sentenced to 8 years but released due to time already served.

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