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* Uzair  Paracha was born in Pakistan in 1980 and is a Pakistani citizen. He obtained a graduate degree in business from the Institute of Business Administration, in Karachi, in 2002. Uzair  Paracha entered USA with a legal tourist visa and lived with a cousin in Brooklyn. He also has an uncle in Connecticut.

Uzair  Paracha opened in Manhattan, New York, a real estate office. From the same office in Manhattan Uzair  Paracha’s father, Saifullah Paracha ran an international clothing business.

Uzair  Paracha was arrested in USA in 03/2003 after the arrest of Khalid Shaik Mohammed in Pakistan on 03/01/2003, due to information from Khalid Shaik Mohammed’s primary investigation.

Uzair  Paracha, according to the information from Khalid Shaik Mohammed, arranged for al Qaeda operatives to enter the USA and he participated in an effort to procure chemical weapons. He was charged, on 08/2003, with conspiracy to provide material assistance to a terrorist organization for the purpose of obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

According to the indictment Uzair  Paracha agreed, with his father Saifullah Paracha, to provide forged documents in order to facilitate the entrance and movements inside the USA of Majid Khan, a Pakistani Al Qaeda operative, who planned to plant bombs in gasoline stations in US. In a series of meetings between Uzair  Paracha and Majid Khan attended also the Al Qaeda financier Ammar al-Baluchi, also known as Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, who was arrested later in Pakistan on 04/29/2003.  


Uzair  Paracha’s father, Saifullah Paracha, worked in New York throughout the 1970’s in deferent enterprises. After running a travel agency and other small businesses in the city for eight years, Saifullah Paracha returned to Pakistan in the early 1980’s, raised a Family and, with his Jewish American partner, made a small fortune exporting clothes to Kmart and other American stores.

Saifullah Paracha was arrested on 07/05/2003 at the Karachi Pakistani airport while embarking on a roundtrip to Bangkok, Thailand. Later Saifullah Paracha was handed over to USA authority and transferred to Guantanamo where he is kept in custody.

On 07/22/2006 Uzair Paracha was convicted and sentenced for 30 years imprisonment.


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