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On 11/15/2005 the Italian police arrested 3 terror suspects, one, Yamine Bouhrama, 32, in Maples and two, Khaled Serai and Mohaned Larbi in Brescia.  All three are from Algerian descent and members of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat – (GSPC).  All the three used to travel frequently to Norway to meet Mullah Krekar, the top representative of Ansar al Islam and Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Europe (see also the case of Khaled Abu-Basir ).


Yamine Bouhrama and Khaled Serai had lived for some time in Norway with false documents obtained in France. They were accused of preparing a terrorist attack outside Italy, probably Iraq.


A month later on 12/23/2005 two more members of the cell: Achour Rabah and Tartaq Sami were arrested in Salerno. Yamine Bouhrama, the coordinator and ringleader of the network was in operational contact, already from 2002, with Djamel Lounici, who operated a similar cell in Venice and with maintained contact with certain Saad Rabah in London. (It is possible that Saad Rabah and Rabah Kadri are the same man ).


In 04/2004, the Italian police arrested Djamel Louniciand at least two other Algerians and they were convicted, on 05/20/2005, of providing logistical support to the GSPC. Djamel Lounici was one of approximately 12 Algerians convicted of supplying arms and false documents to the extremistGSPC group in 2002.


The investigation led to the arrest in Vicenza, near Padua, in North East Italy, on 07/21/2006 of four more suspects: As Khaled, the two brothers Kaad Farid and Kaad Nabil and Touati Ali. According to the Italian authority As Khaled, Kaad Farid,Kaad Nabil and Touati Ali were preparing themselves to leave to Iraq in order to carry out suicide attacks against USA led coalition forces on behalf of Ansar al Islam.


In Algeria the Kaad brothers’ family demonstrated against the Italian ambassador and claimed the release of the Kaad brothers, they said that the arrest was a mistake.


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