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* Rashid  Rauf was born in U.K in the early 80s’. He is a dual British and Pakistani citizen. Rashid Rauf is believed to be a distance relative of Matiur Rehman, a prominent radical Islamic preacher, with ties to almost all the Al Qaeda related organizations in Pakistan and with Lashkar-e-Toiba. Rashid  Rauf is married to a relative of Maulana Masood Azhar – the founder of Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Rashid Rauf left the UK to Pakistan after his uncle was killed in 2002 in Britain. He was not charged over the murder, which has never been solved. 


His brother Tayib Rauf, born in 1984, was arrested 08/10/2006 as a suspect in the Atlantic Airliners Plot. Rashid  Rauf was at the time of arrests in Pakistan and the UK asked for his extradition as a key mediator between radical Islamic militant organizations in Pakistan, including Al Qaeda, and UK and a facilitator of the Atlantic Airliners Plot.

Rashid Rauf was arrested on 08/10/2006 in Bahawalpur, Pakistan and fought his extradition in court. His father-in-law runs the radical Darul Uloom Madina in Bahawalpur, one of Pakistan’s largest, radical religious seminaries.

Eventually, in 11/2007, all the terror charges against him in connection with the Atlantic Airliners Plot in Pakistan were dropped.  UK asked again Rashid  Rauf’s extradited in connection with the case of the death of his uncle in UK in 2002 but he remained in Pakistani custody.

Rashid  Rauf escaped over the weekend of 12/13/2007 while visiting an Islamabad Mosque on his way back to jail from a court hearing.

Two Pakistani policemen were accused of helping Rashid  Rauf in his escape. UK still considers Rashid  Rauf as one of the key plotters of the Atlantic Airliners Plot.

** Pakistani sources claimed that Rashid  Rauf was killed, on Saturday 11/22/2008, by a UAV missile attack in FATA region of North Waziristan alongside Abu Zubair al-Masri, a senior Al Qaeda fugitive, and 4 other Islamic militants (see – Mir Ali 11.22.08). Rashid  Rauf’s lower said, on Monday 11/24/2008, that he does not believe that his client was, indeed, killed.

Rashid  Rauf reemerged in Pakistan, in summer 2009, as a top recruiter of Muslims with Western passports for Al Qaeda in a case related to Zazi Plot (see -AQ Network System ).  

* According to a porn Video siezed from Maqsood L . in Berlin, on 05/16/2011, the London 7/7 bombers had closer contacts with Rashid  Rauf and were able to contact him and change their bombs so that they worked.


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